New Heaven Reef Conservation Program


New Heaven Reef Conservation Program (NHRCP)

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

The program runs from mid-December to mid-October every year

We are the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program located on the southern side of one of Thailand’s most popular dive islands, Koh Tao, situated on the Gulf of Thailand. Our history stretches back more than a decade and we have been dedicated to the preservation, protection and restoration of the reef ecosystems that surround our island since the program’s beginning. We raise awareness, and educate both the local community and travellers about marine conservation and the plight of our planets most biodiverse and fragile spaces through the courses that we offer. Coral reef ecosystems are some of the most biodiverse and densely populated ecosystems on our planet, but they are also some of the most vulnerable. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to work towards ensuring that these incredible underwater spaces will be here for future generations to experience and we hope that you’ll join us in our crucial work to make that a reality.


Through our program, you’ll have the opportunity to step into the role of a reef conservationist and learn the practical applications of marine science and protection. This is work that we’ve developed over the last decade which has allowed us to grow into one of the most well-recognized marine conservation programs in Thailand. We have had many successful projects over the years all around our island and we love the opportunity to involve people from around the globe in this incredible work. Over the years a vast array of students from different backgrounds have joined us, some simply looking for a deeper look at the ecology of these complex reef ecosystems to better their understanding, while other students and interns have gone on to pursue highly successful careers in marine biology and conservation.

Our internship program involves a period of training over the course of your first month, with lectures every weekday morning, each covering a different yet crucial topic. This involves explaining all the theory that provides context for the day’s conservation plan, and a background in the ecology of the ecosystems in which we dive. We then follow this with an afternoon dive, which can involve anything from coral gardening and restoration, reef surveys, coral predator management, underwater clean-ups and much more.

We have a vast variety of projects and activities happening here at NHRCP, which you will have the opportunity to be involved in. These projects include but are not limited to;

  • Sea Turtle Head Starting Program
  • Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP)
    • Invertebrate Surveys
    • Fish Surveys
    • Substrate Surveys
  • Giant Clam Nursery Program
  • Coral Disease Surveys
  • Shark Surveys
  • Seahorse Surveys
  • Benthic Surveys
  • Beach and Underwater Clean Ups
  • Mooring Line Installation and Maintenance
  • Crown of Thorns and Drupella Snail Management
  • Coral Nurseries Construction, Deployment and Maintenance
  • Artificial Reef Construction, Deployment and Maintenance
  • Mineral Accretion and Electrified Artificial Reefs
  • Land Based Conservation Activities (dependent upon the season)
For those unable to commit to longer courses we also offer courses of 2-4 weeks in length. Our 2-4 week courses are the most popular programs we offer. These marine courses give students an in-depth understanding of the research and restoration techniques used by professionals around the world, and also a choice of certifications from Conservation Diver. Taking a conservation course is often a life-changing experience for many students, and is surely something you will remember the rest of your life. These programs give you the opportunity to participate in some exciting projects and also be a part of our fun marine conservation team on the paradise island of Koh Tao.

By participating in the course, students can become more aware of global threats to reefs and about what can be done. Furthermore, they will contribute to conservation efforts here on the island and learn valuable skills which they will take with them and apply in other areas around the globe. It is through programs like this and the fees the students pay that allow us to fund and continue all of the great projects here on Koh Tao

  Requirements include:

  • Being an advanced level diver (the open water and advanced open water can be completed onsite prior to starting for an additional fee)
  • Being of physical condition to work outdoors in hot conditions and carry scuba gear bags on and off boats
  • Have a passion for our marine environment and a willingness to learn!

You get out what you put in! We encourage our students to put in additional hours beyond the opening hours of the program so that they can read beyond the scope of our course curriculum, get involved in additional projects and activities, engage in the ongoing staff-run scientific studies, or conduct their own. Those that do will find that this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. This is one of the main reasons why so many of our students keep on coming back every year!


“My time with the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program was an experience I will never forget and always cherish. For years I have known I wanted to work in marine conservation, but was unsure of exactly what field I wanted to be in. After being thoroughly inspired by NHRCP’s work I now have a career path to follow—coral restoration and conservation. That decision was easy once I realized how fun, interactive, and important their work is.”

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