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gvi 1GVI is an experiential education organisation running ethical and impactful international sustainable development programs across Asia, Africa, Latin Africa, the South Pacific, and Europe. Their promise is to ensure that participants make a meaningful impact on each program while improving their employability and that they will receive ongoing travel and educational support throughout the process. Each of their programs is aligned to one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is set up in keeping with the latest internationally accepted ethical best practices. On each program participants gain real work experience, adding to their skill set. Most programs also include at least one qualification.

Offering participants the opportunity to experience the vibrant underwater landscapes of some of the top scuba diving destinations in the world, including Costa Rica, Fiji, Mexico, Seychelles, and Thailand, GVI ensures that all participants on their marine conservation expeditions walk away with professional dive certifications. The minimum dive training received on all GVI marine conservation programs is the PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Coral Reef Researcher Speciality. This speciality was developed by GVI in collaboration with PADI, and the speciality is exclusively offered on GVI marine conservation expeditions. PADI Divemaster programs with a specific marine conservation focus are offered in Fiji, Mexico, and Seychelles. A PADI Instructor and Master Instructor preparation program is also available in Mexico.

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If you are looking to gain real work experience in marine conservation, GVI is the perfect choice as this is their speciality. On each of the projects, participants have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professional marine conservationists who support local government authorities as well as local and international conservation organisations with managing marine resources.

Has a specific marine species like the endangered sea turtle always fascinated you? Or are you committed to resolving a certain key critical issue like plastic pollution? There are opportunities for participants to specialise in learning about and protecting specific species like sea turtles, sharks, and corals. In all their marine conservation locations, Fiji, Mexico, and Seychelles, GVI focuses specifically on coral conservation research. There are also often opportunities to get involved in coral restoration projects. GVI offers sea turtle conservation programs in Costa Rica, Greece, Seychelles, and Thailand. If you are more interested in coastal, beach and island, conservation, GVI offers these kinds of programs in Seychelles and Thailand. GVI also offers programs centered around critical conservation issues like plastic pollution and coral bleaching. They currently run plastic pollution programs in Fiji and Thailand as well as coral bleaching research programs in Fiji and Seychelles. If you are enrolled in a marine biology or environmental science program and looking for the perfect topic for your research paper or dissertation, a GVI marine expedition can help. GVI has educators available on-site to assist academics with their progress.

If you are under the age of 18 but still want to contribute to marine conservation initiatives, GVI offers marine and coastal conservation expeditions for those between the ages of 14 and 18. Teens can earn their PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water while learning about coral reef restoration and other marine conservation initiatives in Mexico’s Carribbean region. They can also participate in sea turtle conservation efforts, among others, in Costa Rica, Greece, and Thailand. There is also an option to learn about and participate in giant Aldabra tortoise conservation on the tropical Seychelles island of Curieuse.

Below can find our selection of the best marine and coastal conservation programs run by GVI.

Costa Rica



Multiple Countries




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After volunteering with GVI, I decided to carry on down the diving career path and in 2013 became a PADI Instructor. As an instructor, I’ve been able to travel the world, sharing my passion for the marine environment with both new and experienced divers. In 2015, I came back to GVI where I now work as a Dive Officer in my old volunteer home! GVI not only gave me an experience of a lifetime, it helped me grow and progress in my career. 

Emily Sibley, Seychelles Marine Conservation

I gained a lot of insight whilst on the project, and my attitudes and values have changed to reflect this. I’m a lot more aware now about how interrelated the marine and terrestrial environments are and how fragile they can be. I’ve also gained a great appreciation and respect for communities which don’t have the luxuries that the western world takes for granted. I also gained a valuable new skill and qualification, coming away as a Divemaster at the end of the programme and hopefully a new career direction. 

Martin Byrne, Fiji Marine Conservation Internship

GVI was one of the most inspirational, adventurous, and intellectual experiences of my life.  As a recent Marine Science graduate, I was not sure what path to go next, and after my experience on GVI Mexico my life has completely turned around.  GVI Mexico not only enforced my enthusiasm about the coral reef, but also brought out my newly discovered passion for being a scuba diving instructor. 

Liz Maynor, Mexico Dive Master Internship- 24 weeks

I got involved with GVI in 2011 as a volunteer on the Marine Conservation program in Seychelles. I spent 3 months conducting marine surveys focusing on coral growth in a beautiful marine park on the doorstep of GVI’s base, I completed my Advanced Open Water, Coral Reef Research Diver courses and an EFR First Aid course. I had a wonderful time and was driven to pursue a career in marine research and conservation. GVI were instrumental in helping me do a Divemaster Trainee program in Seychelles. 

Ben Hughes, Seychelles Marine Conservation

After working at Pez Maya I’ve also changed my course at university to Environmental Sciences as the work you guys are doing really sparked an interest in me and made me realise that working for an organisation like GVI is something I’d really like to pursue. Thanks so much for all the info, that’s brilliant! 

Emily Batchelor, Mexico Marine Conservation Expedition- 4 weeks




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