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gvi 1GVI runs responsible volunteering programs in 10 countries around the world. They offer volunteers the chance to gain hands-on experience by personally contributing to important conservation initiatives and community projects. Make the most of GVI’s unsurpassed support, career development and training, and make a lasting impact!

GVI runs marine conservation expeditions in some of the most amazing scuba diving locations in the world. Assist in marine conservation projects while diving in unexplored marine habitats in Fiji, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand. Have a look at this amazing video to get a sneak peak into these marine programmes!

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Below is a list of the different expeditions and marine conservation opportunities offered:

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After volunteering with GVI, I decided to carry on down the diving career path and in 2013 became a PADI Instructor. As an instructor, I’ve been able to travel the world, sharing my passion for the marine environment with both new and experienced divers. In 2015, I came back to GVI where I now work as a Dive Officer in my old volunteer home! GVI not only gave me an experience of a lifetime, it helped me grow and progress in my career. 

Emily Sibley, Seychelles Marine Conservation

I gained a lot of insight whilst on the project, and my attitudes and values have changed to reflect this. I’m a lot more aware now about how interrelated the marine and terrestrial environments are and how fragile they can be. I’ve also gained a great appreciation and respect for communities which don’t have the luxuries that the western world takes for granted. I also gained a valuable new skill and qualification, coming away as a Divemaster at the end of the programme and hopefully a new career direction. 

Martin Byrne, Fiji Marine Conservation Internship

GVI was one of the most inspirational, adventurous, and intellectual experiences of my life.  As a recent Marine Science graduate, I was not sure what path to go next, and after my experience on GVI Mexico my life has completely turned around.  GVI Mexico not only enforced my enthusiasm about the coral reef, but also brought out my newly discovered passion for being a scuba diving instructor. 

Liz Maynor, Mexico Dive Master Internship- 24 weeks

I got involved with GVI in 2011  as a volunteer on the Marine Conservation program in Seychelles. I spent 3 months conducting marine surveys focusing on coral growth in a beautiful marine park on the doorstep of the GVI base,  I completed my Advanced Open Water and Coral Reef Research Diver courses as well as an EFR First Aid course. I had a wonderful time and was driven to pursue a career in marine research and conservation. GVI were instrumental in helping me onto a Divemaster Trainee program in the Seychelles. 

Ben Hughes, Seychelles Marine Conservation

After working at Pez Maya I’ve also changed my course at university to Environmental Sciences as the work you guys are doing really sparked an interest in me and made me realise that working for an organisation like GVI is something I’d really like to pursue. Thanks so much for all the info, that’s brilliant! 

Emily Batchelor, Mexico Marine Conservation Expedition- 4 weeks





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