Field School

Field School

Discover your inner marine biologist on a life-changing expedition aboard the Research Vessel Garvin. Live your dream of getting hands-on field experience on the ocean, building life-long friendships, and connecting with professional mentors. Field School offers week-long hands-on marine biology courses aboard their 55’ liveaboard research vessel.

Our focus is providing personal mentorship and training and practice invaluable skills for you to use in your career in marine science and conservation.

Course offerings include:

Shark Research Skills      Tropical Marine Research    Ocean Science Communication

Marine Mammal Acoustics Research           R coding and ecological modeling

What are courses like?

All courses include a combination of lectures, discussions, career mentorship, and hands-on skill development. Our faculty and staff have more than 40 years of combined experience. Our passion is creating a safe and exciting place for students to learn new skills, gain comfort work in and on the water, and grow as scientists. Students learn research skills all while working on ongoing research projects on a wide variety of topics from coral reef restoration to shark physiology and ecology to seagrass health to sperm whale populations.

You can learn more and read student testimonials here!


What is included?

Course fees include all field research activities, transportation once participants arrive at the RV Garvin, and all housing and food costs (except for one “dinner out” at a local restaurant).

Accommodation: Garvin is a working research vessel, so no one comes out on her for luxurious accommodation. Students should expect to have a roommate and to live in close quarters with their classmates for the week. That said, her bunkrooms have been described as “comfortable” and “cozy” by some students (although “a little cramped” would also be fair). Most importantly, you won’t spend a ton of time in your bunk. You’ll be too busy working, learning, eating, or hanging out with your friends in Garvin’s larger public spaces.


Food: Our cooking is pretty darn good if we don’t say so ourselves! We aren’t professional chefs, but we’ve given a lot of thought to our menu and students tell us the food onboard is great (we all think so too, and we eat it often). We serve a mix of recipes, from veggie coconut curry to barbeque chicken with mac and cheese to burrito bowls. We’ve also learned that everything tastes better after a day on the water. #boatmagic  If you have special dietary restrictions, we can almost definitely accommodate you. We’ve handled serious allergies before—we just need you to communicate clearly with us ahead of time about it so we can make sure we can keep you safe. And if you’re vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free, we can also make that work (again, just let us know!).

More information about the on-going research projects,
course offerings and scholarship opportunities can be found at the Field School website

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