Coral Cay Conservation (CCC)


“The most amazing experience with a group of people and staff whom I miss already :(. Learnt so much from my stay at coral cay and now feel even more passionate towards saving our oceans.” Philippines Volunteer 2018

Taking part in a Coral Cay Conservation expedition is an amazing opportunity to dive some of the most spectacular reefs in the world, whilst contributing towards their sustainable management. You will learn how to dive, or improve your skills, on the stunning reefs of Southern Leyte, Philippines, whilst becoming adept at identifying corals, fish and a host of other marine creatures. Make friends that will last a lifetime and have experiences that will change the way you view the world and your place in it.


We are an award-winning, leading specialist in community-based coral reef and forest conservation. The Coral Cay family consists of thousands of volunteers, specialists, NGO’s, communities and scholars from all over the world. Our approach to conservation has always been based on citizen-science meaning anyone can join our expeditions and help give back to the environment, helping the local communities that depend on such natural resources as a source of livelihood. We welcome you to join our research team in the Philippines, collecting baseline data on the health of the reef systems in our region. The data you collect will assist the development of management plans, which will allow the local community and government to put effectual environmental protection in place. This is your chance to take an active role in creating Marine Protected Areas for the prosperity of future generations.

I enjoyed diving so much and even more with the time as I learned how to identify many fish on the reef that I didn’t even notice before! Diving became more than just a leisure, and I know this experience influenced my professional project and deeply strengthened my wish to work for the protection of the marine environment.”  Philippines volunteer 2018


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Staff jobs with Coral Cay Conservation – global

CCC are always on the lookout for new talent to join the team. CCC’s projects are co-ordinated by specialised, highly motivated staff on either 4 or 6 month contracts. Staff will be required to fund their own flights, insurance, visa and transfers to & from site, in return CCC will provide food, accommodation and all other work related expenses whilst on-site. All staff will receive free training in Reef Check and First Aid, plus further dive training up to PADI Divemaster, some positions benefit from a completion bonus or commission arrangement. Staff roles become available sporadically throughout the year, feel free to get in touch and they will be happy to confirm any upcoming vacancies.  Positions such as:  Marine Project Scientist, Science Officer and Scuba Instructor are offered on site, read more about these roles here.

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