New year, what’s next?

Happy New Year from all of us at WiseOceans!
January brings with it expectations of resolutions. Big changes for a new and better you perhaps? But changes don’t have to be big. How about just trying the next thing. Small, manageable changes might be the ones you can stick with forever!

Take the next step in reducing your waste

We think you have probably made a start on living sustainably and already have a reusable water bottle/shopping bag/coffee mug but can you take just one step more? Here are some ideas…

Persuade the next person

            • Tell people about what you are doing your friend –  the person at the supermarket checkout, your gym buddy, your boss….
            • Become an ambassador for making Wise Choices and use your passion and enthusiasm to persuade others to take the next step.
            • Share your successes (and challenges) online
            • Offer to share and swap items to help others make a Wise Choice


Make your next journey car-free

Can you leave the car at home for at least some of your journeys?

            • Get your bike out of the shed
            • Can you walk to work? (or part of the journey?)
            • Try out public transport
            • If you have to drive – can you share it with someone else?


Make your next meal meat-free

This might be the case for you already or perhaps you’ve signed up for Veganuary –  but for those who eat meat for most meals, think about reducing your meat intake and try some tasty and alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint.

            • Consider making Mondays meat-free
            • Experiment in reducing the amount of meat you use in a recipe and replace with extra vegetables or beans


When it comes to climate change and plastic pollution the size of the challenge can appear to be overwhelming but making small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to the health of our oceans if enough of us do them. It can help us inspire others to make Wise Choices as well as help drive policy changes in both business and government.

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