Time flies when you’re having fun

…It’s true, I can’t believe I’ve been at Four Season Resort Seychelles for 2 months already!

Doing a beach profile survey with Charlotte

Doing a beach profile survey with Charlotte

I have really enjoyed getting into the swing of my new role here and getting to know the beautiful bay and reef that is our office, Petite Anse. It’s a great thing to get to snorkel on a reef nearly every day, I feel very lucky. It also gives you a unique picture of that reef and its inhabitants, the permanent residents and where they can be found, like my favourite longnose filefish in a branching Acropora next to our coral nursery. Or the transitory visitors, like barracuda who are likely to be found getting their own “spa treatment” from cleaner wrasse at a reef cleaning station. When I think that you can notice something new with every trip to our little reef it’s not so surprising to that 25% of all marine life lives on coral reefs.

There's nothing like a beach walk at start the day, especially when you are looking for turtle tracks.

There’s nothing like a beach walk to start the day, especially when you are looking for turtle tracks.

Recently I’ve added a new element to my morning tasks, a beach walk to check for the tracks of nesting turtles. There are green and hawksbill turtle populations in Seychelles. All sea turtle populations are threatened and hawksbill turtles are classed as endangered by the IUCN, so monitoring and protection of populations is very important. Luckily here in the Seychelles legislation was passed in 1994 protecting all sea turtles within its waters. A great step in the right direction, now with good policy enforcement and awareness raising the future for turtles here could be bright.

Turtle hatching fun at Kids Club!

Turtle hatching fun at Kids Club!

We’re glad to be doing our bit in monitoring turtle populations and getting more people enthusiastic about these cool creatures. We celebrated Reptile Awareness Day last week by making our very own (multi-coloured) little turtle hatchlings in Kids Club and learning some cool facts along the way (did you know leatherback turtles dive to 1000 metres to feed on jellyfish!).

Our morning turtle monitoring walks are another great way to engage with our guests here and spread a bit more marine knowledge. Last week I was also joined by two keen young turtle spotters, there were no tracks to be found that morning, but plenty of crabs and mudskippers to spot. And, if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll have a nesting mother or be seeing the patter of little hatchling feet making their way to the sea before too long!

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