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An Interview with WiseOceans…Jay Dawsey from CIMI/Guided Discoveries

This week we chat to…Jay Dawsey, Assistant Program Director at CIMI/Guided Discoveries in the USA. Jay highlights the importance of networking to budding marine conservationists. Building a network in your field is key and you can do this by getting involved in any way you can! Name: Jay Dawsey Job Title: Assistant Program Director Organisation: CIMI/Guided Discoveries What […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Julian Leon from Marine Animal Rescue

This week we chat to…Julian Leon from Marine Animal Rescue in the United States. Julian give some fantastic advice, that it isn’t just species knowledge you need but also great communication and leadership skills when working in marine conservation. Some great insights below!   Name: Julian A. Leon Job Title: Marine Animal Rescue Specialist Organisation: Marine Animal Rescue […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Heather Peterson from CIMI/Guided Discoveries

This week we chat to…Heather Peterson, Program Director at CIMI/Guided Discoveries in the USA. Heather has been driven by her passion to protect the ocean and continues to be inspired by the team she works with. She suggests always taking opportunities that come your way and remember the sky is the limit!    Name: Heather Peterson […]

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Simone Montano

An Interview with WiseOceans…Simone Montano from MaRHE center

This week we chat to…Simone Montano from the Marine Research and High Education Center (MaRHE)/University of Milano-Bicocca. Simone is passionate about the underwater world and this led him to pursue a career in marine conservation. His advice is to never give up! Building and maintaining a career in conservation is hard work but the rewards […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Romina Bayer from OceanSnaps

This week we chat to…Romina Bayer, Founder of OceanSnaps and Underwater Photography Coach. Romina is passionate about using photography to inspire people to discover more about our oceans. She encourages everyone to not give up on your dreams and that everyone can make a difference. Name: Romina Bayer Job Title: Underwater Photography Coach and Founder of OceanSnaps […]

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