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An Evening In The Marine Reserve

An Evening In The Marine By the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) Last week we dived into the Galapagos Marine Reserve with many of our supporters at Galapagos Day 2015. Galapagos Day is our annual supporters’ event held at the Royal Geographical Society in London. This year the theme for the event was marine conservation… Hidden […]

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Magroves, FSRM, Aug 2015 © WiseOceans

The trees of the sea

Along the East coast of Mauritius lies a very important, yet underrated ecosystem – mangroves! Mangroves are trees and shrubs which grow in tidal tropical areas benefiting from a freshwater runoff. They are specially adapted to this environment with an extensive root system to maximise gaseous exchange. In Mauritius you can find just two of […]

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Vets help save paradise islands’ wildlife

Vets help save paradise islands’ wildlife Video: http://bit.ly/1y9rwhv Pictures for downloading: http://bit.ly/1rM2H9F The Big Give Christmas Challenge project site (to donate through): http://bit.ly/1wr0MDj Fund-raising this week through The Big Give Christmas Challenge will help save some of the Indian Ocean islands’ rarest creatures from the threat of extinction. A British veterinary charity Wildlife Vets International […]

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