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A different office for a month: Annie joins the GVI Marine Conservation Expedition

Do you know how it feels to join a marine conservation expedition here in Seychelles for a month? Maybe not! Let me share my experience with you. Recently I joined the GVI Marine Conservation Expedition (based at Baie Ternay, NW Mahé, Seychelles) on a scholarship for a month. GVI have been surveying marine life in the […]

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Philippines-Surveying-Marine-Aquatic-Diving-Survey team-Santa Paz Sur-2013

Re-setting the (MPA) boundaries

  On the 7th of January, Coral Cay Conservation was contacted to help set up marker buoys at the Tabugon Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Sanctuary in the Philippines. This was a great way to start the year and our Project Scientist Marie Seraphim, and Research scientist Joshua Milne were excited to join the Municipal Agricultural […]

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Counting Starfish

Last November Udo Engelhardt, an expert on the management of crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), visited Seychelles to provide training to local stakeholders after concerns of an outbreak (a sudden increase in the population of COTS) in the northwest of Mahe. The training session took place over a couple of days and involved a classroom theory session […]

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Vacation time!

After being in the Seychelles for over six months it was time for a holiday. But where to go when you’re already in paradise? With everything the Seychelles has to offer – beautiful white sandy beaches, lush green mountains and crystal clear waters, one would probably desire to visit a big city full of shops, […]

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