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Tentacular Spectacular: Battle of the Cephalopods

12491927_1042419009154094_5068266633189821402_oRoll up! Roll up! For the Battle of the century! The Battle of the Cephalopods. This interactive presentation seeks to discover which cephalopod is best: the octopus, the cuttlefish, the squid or the nautilus.

Each contender is championed by their allocated expert including cuttlefish connoisseur Jay Culligan, squid specialist Simon Watt (from TV’s ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’ nautilus know-it-all Kerry Perkins, and octopus orator Russell Arnott.

Entrance is £6 (Six squid) which includes entry to Brighton SEA LIFE Centre and £1 towards the SeaLife Trust (sealifetrust.org)

Two talks taking place 6:00pm – 7:00pm repeated at 8:00pm – 9:00pm.

Ages 12+
Book tickets from http://www.brightonscience.com/events/tentacular-spectacular-cephalopods/

A joint venture from Brighton Science FestivalBrighton SEA LIFE Centre and WhaleFest

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