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Can you tell a cornetfish from a trumpetfish? By Jo Eames

With approximately 25% of all marine life supported by coral reefs, there are a whole lot of creatures to see when you’re part of the WiseOceans team based at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles! The commonly sighted species are easy to remember, but during research surveys underwater your identification skills and knowledge can be tested. Since […]

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Seychelles Marine Life © WiseOceans

Creatures Great & Small!

The larger ones are the more obvious. In my first weeks in June, we were lucky enough to see one of the larger fish in the oceans, a bumphead parrotfish! This incredible parrotfish is called ‘bumphead’ for a pretty obvious reason – it bumps is head into the coral! This is not because it is […]

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Rosie Fisher

What do we see?

Rosie is the WiseOceans Marine Educator at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles; helping to provide an extra element of marine conservation knowledge to the resort. Rosie gives regular talks enlightening the guests on the creatures on the reef as well as guided snorkels. Rosie also gives evening talks on subjects such as shark, turtles, whales and […]

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