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Petite Anse Bay at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

A Special “Welcome Back”

Going back to Italy for holidays was of course amazing. I spent time with my family and friends, ate all the good food possible, gained 2 kgs (of course!), brought back some divine chocolate treats from Italy to share with my colleagues, and the time ran so fast I cannot believe it’s already gone! However […]

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Because we love the reef!

At WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles we love our skin, but we love the reef, too! This is why the resort provides special reef-friendly sunscreen products for all their guests, pictured here amongst the equipment in the Reef Restoration Project‘s Coral Cabana. Evoa, by EQ, is an example of a sunscreen which doesn’t have the same […]

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A Thousand!

“A thousand what?” you will ask. Last week we announced that we have reached our first milestone for our Reef Restoration Project: a thousand rescued coral fragments in the coral nursery! Since the official launch, only just over 3 months ago, the 26th March 2015, we have collected, cleaned, doctored and loved a thousand coral fragments. […]

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World Oceans Day 2015

World Oceans Day is a UN-designated official day to celebrate the oceans, their importance in our lives and how we can protect them. Of course it is one of our favourite days of the year! Celebrations for World Oceans Day with WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles began long before the official date, 8th June. […]

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WiseKids Our beautiful Marine Ecology picnic table covered in colourful books, games and photos of marine life never fails to attract the excited eyes of the younger guests at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. Each Wednesday we spend the afternoon at the resort’s Kids Club when marine biologists in the making get to do some arts […]

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Second Anniversary

The 15th January 2014 marked the second anniversary of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, WiseOceans, and the Seychelles Ministry of Energy and the Environment. This collaboration has meant we have been monitoring, checking and assessing coral health and growth in Petite Anse where we have Marine Educators based.  All the information […]

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