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Vivamar volunteer observation

The Mission of Vivamar…

The mission of Vivamar is to conserve and protect dolphins by first informing ourselves. Our team works together with volunteers from around the world to collect data about individual dolphins and their relationships, group sizes and their dynamics, and how and where they are interacting with other species and their environment. By collecting data and […]

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Shoresearch – By Olle Åkesson – Living Seas Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust Rockpools are the perfect introduction to marine biology. In a few square meters you have, literally, a bird’s eye view of an entire ecosystem. With just a net and a magnifying glass you can find everything from the tiniest plankton to fish and […]

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A different office for a month: Annie joins the GVI Marine Conservation Expedition

Do you know how it feels to join a marine conservation expedition here in Seychelles for a month? Maybe not! Let me share my experience with you. Recently I joined the GVI Marine Conservation Expedition (based at Baie Ternay, NW Mahé, Seychelles) on a scholarship for a month. GVI have been surveying marine life in the […]

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