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Laura promise

I promise to….

On my first day at WiseOceans as Blue Economy intern, I learnt about a project entitled “Promise To The Reef”. This project engaged my attention because not only does it involve educating people about ways to reduce their negative impact on climate change, but it also attempts to get them even more involved by taking […]

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This Reef is Recruitung!

After a tough start to the year for our house reef and nursery here at Petite Anse, we’re happy to see that things are now looking up for corals. Yes, over the past few months our reef has been recruiting! …but perhaps not in the way you think. We don’t mean that job adverts have been posted […]

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Rethinking and Protecting the Future for Coral Reefs

Rethinking and Protecting the Future of Coral Reefs by Tim Ecott Tim Ecott is the author of the international best-seller ‘Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World’ and scriptwriter for the BBC feature film ‘Deep Blue’. News of widespread coral bleaching this year has been profoundly worrying. In Seychelles, where WiseOceans do such good work, […]

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