Pufferfish can be split into two groups – blassops and tobies. Blassops are slightly larger, and have fused back teeth that are useful for grinding hard shelled marine creatures. They have small pectoral fins and no pelvic fins which makes them swim around the reef in a drunken manor. Tobies are smaller than the blassops, and are found closer to the reef, hiding under coral outcrops. Like all pufferfish, Tobies have the ability to inflate themselves by swallowing water, making it impossible for their predator to swallow them. Their skin and some of their internal organs are also highly poisonous!  Pufferfish will be very stressed and feeling threatened if they puff, please do not make a pufferfish puff!

Star Pufferfish © WiseOceans

Star Pufferfish (Arothron stellatus) © WiseOceans

Whitebelly Toby © WiseOceans

Whitebelly Toby (Canthigaster Toby) © WiseOceans

All photos © WiseOceans unless otherwise stated


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