Marine Educators At Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programme at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is located in Petite Anse in the south-west of the main island of Mahe. Lined with granite rocks with coral reef just metres from the beach, Petite Anse is quintessential Seychelles.

Our Marine Discovery Programme at the Resort was launched in 2012 and has been introducing Resort guests and staff to the wonders of what lies beneath the beautiful blue surface ever since.  The diversity of Seychelles marine life is truly breath-taking and a fantastic tool for inspiring passion for the oceans.  By increasing knowledge and understanding of the natural Seychelles environment our Marine Educators and the Marine Education Station – their office in the sand – spread awareness and passion for the oceans and the protection of what lives within.

Discover the marine life of the Seychelles on WiseOceans’ guided snorkels

The fringing coral reefs and granite rocks of the Seychelles are easily accessible and best explored with our team of WiseOceans Marine Educators.  At Four Seasons Resort Seychelles we offer guided snorkels and tailored marine life talkssnorkel lessons for beginners and even CoralWatch survey snorkels that enable guests to contribute to coral reef conservation in the Seychelles.

Typical sightings include reef fish such as wrasseparrotfishsurgeonfishbutterflyfishangelfishcornetfishmoorish idols and batfish, not to mention squid, eagle rays, octopus and a variety of coral, all set against a dramatic granite underwater landscape. Lindsay educating at picnic tabel, FSRS, Seychelles, Aug 2015 © WiseOCeansFrom September – October whale sharks may be spotted in Seychelles, here in search of plankton, and from October to January each year we monitor for hawksbill turtles nesting on Petite Anse beach.

Marine fun in the Kids Club – It is impossible to overestimate the value in inspiring the next generation to love and look after the marine environment, plus they have the best questions!  WiseOceans Marine Educators spend hours with young Resort guests, helping them to learn through marine-themed games and arts and crafts, and snorkelling of course!

All of our marine research, from monitoring nesting turtles to CoralWatch bleaching surveys, collects valuable data which is shared with the Seychelles Department for Environment, Climate Change and Energy, to help build a broader picture of the health of marine life across Seychelles and in the Indian Ocean.

PrintThe Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project was launched in March 2015 and is a new and innovative approach to coral reef restoration, born of a desire to return Petite Anse reef to the thriving coral reef ecosystem that it once was. Through this Project, WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles aim to restore 10,000 square metres of limestone reef with the transplantation of 16,000 coral fragments.  The Project concurrently aims to increase knowledge and awareness of coral reefs and the threats they face.

Find out more about the Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project

RRP promo FSRS, Feb 2015, © C M-POur Reef Restoration Project Officer collects broken fragments of coral from the seafloor and then, back in the Coral Cabana on the beach, prepares the fragments for placement in the in-water coral nursery, pictured here.

Be a Coral Saver!

Resort guests are invited to join in the Reef Restoration process, learning all about coral biology and the threats to the reef, helping to collect vital data on the coral fragments, and even actively contributing to the conservation of Petite Anse by rescuing broken coral themselves.

 Help towards restoring Petite Anse – Sponsor the Reef!

Meet the WiseOceans team at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Our resident WiseOceans Marine Educators are a full time source of knowledge and inspiration for guests and staff; there to educate, enthuse, and engage.  WiseOceans Marine Educators inspire guests to try snorkelling and diving, give confidence to tentative or nervous snorkellers, and hold lively conversations with excited guests about what they have seen in the beautiful waters surrounding the Resort.

Visit our Resort Marine Educator Blog to follow our Marine Educators in action!

Hannah Harries

Marine Educator

Krishna Ashok

Marine Educator

Samantha Barnett

Marine Educator
Irma Dubois

Marine Conservation Trainee




“Thank you and the team for a wonderful 5 year anniversary, and I am looking forward to the next double digit milestone. The WiseOcean team not only contributes to the health of our little Petite Anse Bay but it also contributes tremendously to the guest experience. The team has a remarkable energy and natural hospitable approach. The right partner on a great journey together.” Adrian Messerli, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, May 2017

“Dear Krishna, Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life, it was truly amazing.” R Vora, guest of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, June 2017

“Krishna is an asset to your wonderful team. He made our snorkelling experience special and memorable and something we won’t forget in a lifetime. Kudos Krishna!!” Mrs Bhojwani and Mrs Kapoor, guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, October 2017

“The WiseOceans personnel were awesome and definitely contributed to how much we enjoyed our stay. Charlotte and Jo were very informative and would provide us with lots of information throughout the day about marine and wildlife we saw during our stay.”  Deon B, guest of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, October 2014

“The WiseOceans team has done an incredible job of educating our guests and contributing to our environmental efforts. I am hugely proud that we can work in partnership with such an expert in the  field of marine conservation and be a part of this unique and pioneering project, which has seen such successful results in a short period of time.” Adrian Messerli, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, April 2016

WiseOceans – excellent added service at the Resort. Set up a shark watching trip for us and hired us an underwater camera. knowledgeable and friendly and made a huge contribution to our stay.” Ben and Nancy M, guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, October 2014

“The beach is sooo private and clean white sand. We met Hannah there who initiated us to snorkelling. The best experience ever, we snorkelled for over 2 hours and saw some great fish out there. It is a beautiful experience, highly recommended to everyone and yes dont miss out on that sunset view. It is amazing!!!!!” TripAdvisor May 2016

“Superb setting and environment friendly resort..congrats to the team (WiseOceans) working hard for the preservation of the bay, beach and marine life..educate its guests with so much enthusiasm..if you are lookung for a hideaway while blending with nature and helping to preserve it thats the place to be.” TripAdvisor September 2017

“Thank you so much. It was amazing and we really enjoyed it. If you come to the Four Seasons you must do it. Great fun. Krishna was great too!” Georgie and Steve, guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, July 2017

“Great snorkelling with loads of beautiful fish. It’s very interesting to hear all about the fish first.Very enjoyable, thank you.” Alexa and Russell, guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, July 2017

“Having WiseOceans at our beach reassures me that our guests are receiving a unique guest experience at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. The knowledge, connection and friendly characters that they are exposed to heighten their stay. We at the hotel are proud to part take in responsible tourism and know that our efforts ensure our unique bay may be enjoyed by many for years to come.” Alexandre Mazoire; Restaurant, Pool & Beach Manager; Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, March 2015.

“Loved Georgie and Charlotte – very friendly and Georgie would come over and speak to me just to ask how our stay is going. She would answer questions we had and was very genuine and friendly!” Anon, guest of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, August 2015

“One other highlight was our daily snorkeling trips into the bay where we saw a reef shark, sting rays, hundreds of different fish and an octopus during our two weeks. The WiseOceans team who are stationed at the resort were fabulous with our children and would entertain them for hours on end talking about sea life.” TripAdvisor, April 2016

“Jo from WiseOceans did a fantastic job snorkelling with us and showing us the amazing fish in the coral reef. Even showed us the large clam!” Anon, guest of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, August 2014

“Dear WiseOceans team, from my deep heart thanks for my unforgettable snorkelling day. For person who doesn’t know even how to swim!!! to have opportunity to discover underwater marine life was incredible feeling! Guys, you are doing amazing jobs – providing joy and emotions to the world.” Ms Liliya, from Russia, January 2017

“One of the stars of Four Seasons is the WiseOceans team stationed at Petite Anse. I cannot say enough good things about the team behind it, the information they provide. Four Seasons needs to cherish and treasure this brilliant brilliant set up, it’s the sort of thing that really sets them apart from any competitors. We spent a lot of time with Georgie: she would tell us about the marine life at Petite Anse, the coral restoration project (adopt a coral) and they all provide a very casual atmosphere. We LOVED that they leave marine books out on a table by the WiseOceans stand for guests to read at the beach – we learnt a lot about the corals and marine life of Seychelles and have since bought a copy since coming back home. We went on a guided snorkel (highly recommended you do this) where we all had a magical moment….Georgie had not seen a shark in Seychelles since arriving there, on our snorkel my girlfriend spotted a white tip reef shark swimming below us – We all broke out in amazement as none of us had actually seen one in the water before! We were so pleased we created such a wonderful moment for her too. Through our snorkeling sessions we saw a host of tropical fauna, turtles, rays, barracudas are all documented”. TripAdvisor May 2016