Marine Discovery Programmes

WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programmes at Resorts

A WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programme uses education and interaction to inspire excitement about marine and coastal environments, helping resort guests to enjoy and to value the natural world around them.

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WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programmes combine powerful and effective marine education and conservation elements:

MarineEd 1 FSRS 2014Charlotte table FSRS 2014 © WiseOceansResident Marine Educators are a source of knowledge and inspiration for guests and staff; there to educate, enthuse, and engage.

Marine Education Station creates a focal point for all things marine, coastal and environmental at a resort, becoming a hive of activity as resort guests come to look through books, ask questions about fish, coral and snorkelling, and discuss the local environment.

Marine education activities with resort guests include guided snorkels, marine fun in the kids club and marine biology talks to name a few! Helping guests to enjoy the natural environment around them through education and involvement significantly enhances their experience.

Employee engagement

Extending beyond guests, to the heart of every resort: their employees, employee engagement programmes build a passion for the marine environment throughout a resort, heightening awareness and interest, and empowering the staff community to enjoy the local marine life and to promote its conservation. 

Quadrate work promo © Chris WiseOceansWiseOceans activities, events and training opportunities for the local community help a resort to integrate into and add value back to adjacent communities.

Blogs, social media posts and press releases to local, national and international press optimise the outreach of a resort’s contribution to environmental conservation.

WiseOceans Marine Educators contribute to national and international marine conservation by conducting surveys to assess the health of marine and coastal environments; this data is donated to governmental departments and local NGOs.

“Life at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles without WiseOceans would be like an ocean with no fish”

Alex Porteous; General Manager; Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, January 2015

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To discuss having a WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programme at your resort please contact Krishna Ashok