Let’s Talk About Plastic

Bulk weigh & save products in glass jars, UK Feb 2016 © CO WiseOceans

A trip to the local bulk weigh & save store meant I could get my cupboard stables plastic free and aren’t the jars pretty too?

Each member of the WiseOceans #plasticchallenge team has said the same thing to me-  “I’ve had so many interesting conversations with people about plastic”. It’s true, as soon as I started on this challenge it amazed me that nearly every shop or restaurant/café I went in resulted in a discussion about plastic. By asking for no plastic packaging I could then say why I didn’t want it and tell them about the Lent #plasticchallenge. It’s not just people serving me it’s everyone – the man waiting for his Chinese takeaway, the customer behind me in the queue, the people on the next table at the restaurant and my hairdresser, to name but a few.

Then there’s friends and family who have been subjected to my newfound zeal in reducing my consumption of plastic! I really didn’t expect my own actions to cascade onto the behaviour of others quite so quickly. When you start out on a challenge like this it can be disheartening when you realise the scale of the problem and you think that your own sacrifice is just the tiniest drop in the ocean. How can it be worth it? However, as more and more friends started gleefully telling me about their decision not to use plastic in some way I realised that doing a challenge like this really can change behaviour. The old adage of #startwith1thing really does apply and does work.


Yummy fresh apple juice in a glass jar, UK Feb 2016 © CO WiseOceans

Shopping locally at the market allowed me to buy this lovely fresh apple juice in a glass jar (yes the lid has plastic in it, but it will be reused)

Loose tea, UK Feb 2016 © CO WiseOceans

Whittards were very helpful and gave me my loose tea straight into my own container

Resuable produce bags for fruit & veg, UK Feb 2016 © CO WiseOceans

Taking my produce bags to the shops means I can buy  small loose items without a plastic bag

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