Lent 2016: The WiseOceans #plasticchallenge

Lent 2016: The WiseOceans #plasticchallenge

Plastic is everywhere, Feb 2016 © WiseOceans

Plastic can be obvious but it sneaks in everywhere

Team WiseOceans has given itself a #plasticchallenge for Lent.

What does this mean? No plastic at all?

Not quite – we are surrounded by plastic and some of it is integral to our daily lives but much of it is avoidable, albeit with some planning needed and some creative thinking.

Our self-imposed rules are:

  • To not buy ANY new plastic wherever possible
  • Absolutely NO single use/disposable plastic to be used
  • Where there’s no viable alternative, to only choose recyclable plastic/items made from recycled plastic or reuse existing plastic
  • When needed, replace existing plastic products with a plastic free alternative

We want to avoid recycling as a way round the challenge. Recycling, whilst obviously not a bad thing in itself, doesn’t address the wasteful production of plastic products and what we need for our oceans is LESS plastic in the world not more.

Now, being good Marine Educators we are already habituated to reusable bags, asking for no straws and taking our reusable water bottles wherever we go but we really want to take the next step and meet some of the challenges such as beauty products/toiletries and sourcing food that’s free from plastic packaging.

Our team is based around the world and has various challenges ranging from being a mum with a young family, living in a rural location, full-time house sitting and living in small developing island states. However, we figure that there’s always some kind of challenge to overcome so let’s do it!

We’ll keep you updated with our progress over the coming weeks. Please give us any of your top tips to help us along.

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