Published: July 21, 2022

Location: Dahab, Egypt


Closing Date: Ongoing

Sinai Coral Reef Conservation Project expedition

Coral Cay Conservation is an NGO based in Surrey, England. We have successfully run 17 projects in 14 countries since our humble beginning in 1986. Our newest coral reef conservation project is based in Dahab, Sinai, an incredible town wedged between the famous Sinai mountains and the expansive coral reefs of Aqaba.

For all our projects, we advocate best-practice and operate under a citizen-science framework. By operating in a bottom-up ecosystem-based approach to conservation, working directly with local stakeholders, promoting co-management practices, we are able to achieve real-time results whilst empowering the local user group.

Throughout all of our active project sites, and whilst developing new projects, we are advised by our Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure maximum impact. We are continually evolving our approaches and protocols, maintaining standardised project-specific core approaches enabling the temporal assessment of the marine environment whilst adapting to new plights suffered by the marine environment.

SCUBA-based diving surveys will be used to obtain quantitative biophysical and ecological data which will start the beginning of a crucial long-term monitoring project in Sinai. Long-term monitoring allows us to see trends and changes in coral reef health over time, helping us better understand the environmental impacts facing coral reefs in Ras Abu Galum. The SCRCP data will be used to identify if/which parts of the reef are changing and help inform policy and environmental protections for this vital habitat through the creation of MPAs and capacity building.

The baseline data collected by volunteers will be the first phase of the SCRCP and mark the beginning of a long-term monitoring project. Long-term monitoring allows us to see statistical trends in coral reef health over time and help us understand the most effective way to protect these reefs. Monitoring data will be open access, and regular reports will be published on our website and shared with the Egyptian government.  We will collaborate with local stakeholders and other NGO’s/governing bodies in the area and promote co-management practices that produce long-term results.


2 weeks £1568

3 weeks £2352

For more information about what’s included in the expedition fee, please visit our website. You can find lots of information about the project in our Project Guide also. If you have any further questions, please feel free to Whatsapp us on +447871192365 or email our Head of Science at