Published: April 12, 2022

Location: Maldives


Closing Date: Ongoing

Maldives Research Internship

The Marine Research and High Education Center (MaRHE Center) was officially inaugurated on January 28th, 2009. The purpose of the center is to carry out research on the coral reefs ecosystem and teaching activities in the fields of environmental sciences and marine biology, science of tourism and human geography, to teach how to protect this fragile environment and its biodiversity, how to use and manage its resources in a responsible way.

The MaRHE Center can easily host up to 40 people, both groups of students or single researchers who are in will to spend some time in a very comfortable place such as our campus deep in the green of tropical vegetation. In order to make the best research activity, students and researchers must be provided with the best and high-tech equipment. Fully equipped laboratories include modern technical appliances: bench space and cabinets, fume hood, sterile hood, refrigerator, freezer, immersion cooler -80°C, thermostatic bath, micro-oven forced air, benchtop centrifuge, vacuum pumps, a variety of stereo and compound microscopes. A molecular ecology lab and a separate imaging lab are also available and fully equipped.

The center is equipped with field sampling instruments: 20-50 m metric lines, diving slates, hammers and chisels, PVC quadrats (1X1), GPS devices, temperature/light data loggers (HOBO pendant Onset), sieve set. A library with books on ecology and marine zoology is also available at the Center. Our Diving Center at MaRHE may provide our guests with SCUBA equipment, training and scientific/technical support that underpins a wide range of high-class interdisciplinary research in the underwater environment.

Our Research

Research activities can be conducted either on islands inhabited by local people, or uninhabited islands where resorts have been developed. The wide range of research and education programs conducted at the Center reflects the diversity of MaRHE Center’s staff experience and competences. Current programs and ongoing research projects at the MaRHE Center include coral reef research, fisheries and aquaculture research, shark research, marine mammal research.

The Maldives have an ecosystem characterized by high biodiversity but extremely delicate and subject to deep modifications due to global climatic changes and local anthropic pressures, such as fishing overexploitation and mass tourism, not forgetting the threat of higher temperatures and ocean acidification. The Marine Research and High Education Center, in collaboration with the Maldivian Ministry of Fisheries, aims at blending technology, development and sustainability for the protection of the natural environment and the enhancement of human resources.

Our work shops and internships

The center organizes several national and international 10-days hands-on traineeships, including:

Coral Restoration

Mapping Technologies in Coral-Reefs Environment

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

Tropical Marine Fishes

Tropical Marine Ecology

Sustainable Tourism in Fragile Environments

Human Geography

How to apply

To apply visit or to find out more email