Published: July 25, 2022

Location: Seychelles


Closing Date: Ongoing

Lemon Shark and Turtle Conservation in the Seychelles

Program overview

The project is based on Curieuse Island – a true tropical paradise. The entire island is a national park which is managed by our local partner, Seychelles National Parks Authority. Live on the beachfront on the white sand beaches of Anse St Jose in small huts, inviting the natural environment into every aspect of your daily experience. Across the bay is Seychelles’ second largest island, Praslin, which is a quick boat ride away.

Spend your time learning about and contributing to critical conservation efforts being conducted on the island. Join an international team of passionate volunteers and qualified experts who are all dedicated to make a difference towards the survival of both the critically endangered hawksbill turtles and the sicklefin lemon sharks.

Partake in our lemon shark catch and release program. Search the surrounding waters for shark pups in order to gather valuable data pertaining to population and growth rates on the elusive under studied species.

Sea turtles efforts will center around studying the nesting success and habits of both hawksbill and green turtles on the island. Collect and collate information such as tag numbers, carapace (shell) measurements and number of eggs laid, or carry out nest evacuations to measure hatching success rates.


  • Living on a remote and stunningly beautiful national park on islands that most only dream of visiting (if they have even heard of them at all)
  • Working alongside knowledgeable and dedicated national partners provides invaluable insight into the life and work of conservationists
  • Joining in on the work being done helps individual volunteers gain both hard and soft skills essential to research development and data collection.
  • Exploring the diversity of the island and discovering the diverse birds that inhabit the area, taking in the beauty of the mangroves around the island, and snorkeling among the crystal clear water taking in the unique and fragile underwater ecosystems.

How to apply

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