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April 13, 2020
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The Underwater Tribe is a dive centre and underwater photography academy based in Bali, Indonesia. Our team of photography instructors have over 20 years of experience in the field and are well respected in the industry. We teach dozens of students every year with our “One to One” courses in Bali as well as on location workshops throughout Indonesia. Our instruction is geared mainly toward beginner and intermediate photographers looking to improve their skills.

Online Learning

We offer online coaching as part of our curriculum, open to everyone around the world. Our online coaching is “one to one” and we tailor the lessons to meet the needs of every student. This means we discuss your goals ahead of time to create lessons that will get results. Every student has different equipment and interests, “one to one” learning means we concentrate solely on every individual.

All of our coaching sessions are one hour “one to one” video chats. To make it easy, every session is priced at the same amount of $30 USD. For those who would like to continue theory sessions, we offer discounts for multiple sessions.

Single sessions = 480,000 IDR per hour ($30 USD)

Prepay for 3 sessions and receive a 5% discount = 1,360,000 IDR ($85 USD)

Prepay for 5 sessions = 2,000,000 IDR ($125 USD)

Make payments using our secure online credit card system (Visa, Mastercard, or JCB only, Amex is not available). Payment transactions are in Indonesian Rupiah currency.

If you are interested in finding out more about our online underwater photography courses please contact us at info@underwatertribe.com today!

Photo Critiquing and General Feedback Session

A general chat session where we talk about your photos and any questions you may have. If you would like your photos critiqued we ask that you prepare 5 images ahead of time and send them to us via email. Ideally, these would be straight from the camera and without post processing. This way we can see any mistakes that may have occurred. The best photos to submit are ones that did not work out, we don’t want to critique your favourite photos. Instead, send ones where there is an issue so we can give tips on how to fix it. This is also a great session to ask any general questions you may have about underwater photography.

An Introduction to Underwater Photography

An overview of how to get started in underwater photography. We start with a discussion about the diving skills you will need to start. We then talk about the different camera systems available and which suits your needs. Topics include shooting with a GoPro, compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs. We introduce the concepts of lighting and the difference between using a strobe or constant light. We also discuss several add ons such as diopters and wide angle choices for beginners. Care and maintenance of housings is also discussed.

Illuminating Subjects with Strobes and Basic Techniques to Avoid Backscatter

Getting a lot of backscatter is the most frustrating result for new underwater photographers. We discuss how to set up strobes to illuminate subjects properly while avoiding backscatter. Techniques discussed pertain to both wide angle and macro shooting. We discuss both single strobe and dual strobe setups.

Mastering Wide Angle Underwater Photography

When it comes to achieving the correct exposure and lighting, wide angle photography can be quite frustrating. In this lesson we discuss how to set the ISO, f-stops, and shutter speeds properly in order to get the right exposure every time. Understand how to aim strobes for both CFWA and regular wide angle.

The Art of Macro Underwater Photography

Understanding how to capture the correct exposure in macro underwater photography using TTL or manual exposure. Understand how to set the correct f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. Discuss proper strobe positioning for perfect lighting every time, using either one or two strobes.

Playing with Light – Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level

Using different lighting techniques to make your macro photographs stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create black or blue backgrounds, utilize edge lighting, and create stunning images by controlling the depth of field.

The Art of Composition and Macro Photography

Composition is what makes or breaks a photograph. Learning to understand composition is even more important than learning exposure. We discuss the fine points of creating macro photographs by understanding a few rules and also when to break them.

The Art of Composition and Wide Angle Photography

Wide angle and macro underwater photography are similar yet different. Although many compositional ideas remain constant between the two, each has its own idiosyncrasies. Learn what makes a great wide angle photograph and what elements you can utilize to improve your WA photos.

If you would like to find out more about Underwater Tribe, please visit our website or contact us on info@underwatertribe.com

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