Tropical Marine Biology and Conservation

July 10, 2019
Caqalai Island, Fiji
Closing date


Head on out in the clear blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean, where you will learn or improve your diving in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical regions, while discovering a unique underwater environment. Join an international team of participants on a marine biology expedition which focuses on the collection of important data on marine species from underwater research dives. This research becomes the foundation for local communities and organisers to make better decisions to improve sustainability in the area.

The project is geared towards providing long term benefits to locals through strategies helping to guarantee food security, not only for current generations, but future ones too.


Enhancing your scuba diving skills with daily dives (weather permitting).

Conducting underwater surveys in the warm waters of the Pacific.

See the colourful coral reefs up close and discover a myriad of fascinating marine creatures to study.

Spending time getting to know the local community.

Cultural immersion in the Fijian way of life.

Data collection on targeted fish, invertebrate and benthic species.

Habitat mapping for coral reefs and marine environments.

Development of an environmental education and awareness program for local schools and communities.

Development of terrestrial and marine environmental best practice on Caqalai Island.

Supporting various community development initiatives on neighbouring islands.

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