Thailand Short Term Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Internship

January 26, 2020
Phang Nga Province, Thailand
Closing date


As Thailand is a bustling tourist destination, with millions of visitors each year, the marine population in the area needs as many hands as possible to assist with the preservation of all life above land and below water in the region. On this program, you will travel to the Phang Nga region of the country, as you participate in sea turtle research programs and workshops, learning more about their preservation, and growing your knowledge around marine conservation as a whole. You will also get the opportunity to complete GVI ILM Leadership Development certificate, giving you the chance to learn new skills, as you embark on a possible future career in marine conservation.

The primary turtle species found in this particular region are green turtles. While not abundant in numbers, they are far more common that Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles, who are also found in this region but are spotted on a much less frequent basis. Regardless of species type, all sea turtles require assistance with longer term sustainability as a result of climate change and this is where you come in. As an intern on this GVI program, you will be able to make a contribution to this in a hands on manner.

Volunteer at the Royal Thai Navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Center where you will be involved in the turtle head start program. This will allow you to gain real insight into the development and behavior of the turtles through head starting, a process which involves simulating their natural environment and allowing them to get physically stronger before being released. Create enrichment devices to aid in this process and help the turtles to dive, hide and play. Assist in their rehabilitation by ensuring that the turtle's environment is clean and habitable, by include scrubbing the tanks, cleaning and medicating the turtles that have minor injuries, or conducting morphology and behavioral studies at the center.


Improve your career prospects by interning on a program with GVI, growing your skills in the marine conservation field in particular.

Earn your GVI ILM Leadership Development certificate, a qualification recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

Get to know fellow interns from all over the world, as you grow your network of friends and develop lifelong relationships with like minded individuals from various cultural backgrounds.

Engage directly with the community in Phang Nga, learning more about their way of life and facilitating sustainability initiatives in the region in conjunction with existing partnerships.

Once a month we visit two nearby islands to conduct biodiversity surveys and collect footage from our camera traps.

Collect data on a number of different conservation projects, including bird and butterfly surveys.

If staying 8 weeks or longer you will complete your Biological Survey Techniques training and qualification.

To find out more about this, and other GVI projects, please visit their expedition page!

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