Short Term Marine Conservation Internship

September 26, 2019
Caqalai, Fiji
Closing date


Join an international team on this marine conservation internship, which focuses on the collection of marine inventory data from underwater research dives. This research is then made available to local communities and organisations to help better inform management decision making. The project is geared at providing long-term benefits to the local communities through strategies designed to help guarantee food security for future generations.

On this program, you will actively work on connecting data with and for the local community. Participants will learn about coral reef ecology and conservation issues facing tropical marine organisms and the communities that depend on them. You will likely spending time in the water every day, in what is best described as a vibrant marine ecosystem. There is a good possibility of seeing endangered species such as sharks, rays, humphead wrasse and whales. While on dry land, you will be spending time in the community helping with environmental education in two schools.

This program includes the ILM Endorsed Leadership program, designed to develop your leadership skills and put you a step above other candidates. This program will be completed during your first 12 weeks on the base with GVI staff and other participants. Each week you will learn about a specific concept related to leadership and teamwork and complete an assignment on the topic. You will be guided through the process by your assigned mentor on base. At the end of the course, successful candidates will receive a certificate and personal recommendation.


Enhancing your scuba diving skills with daily dives (weather permitting).

Conducting underwater surveys in the warm waters of the Pacific.

Discover a myriad of fascinating marine creatures to study and experience the stunning coral reefs of Fiji

Spending time getting to know the local community.

Cultural immersion in the Fijian way of life.

Data collection on targeted fish, invertebrate and benthic species.

Habitat mapping for coral reefs and mangrove (Coral Reef and Mangrove Habitat mapping).

Development of an environmental education and awareness program for local schools and communities.

Development of terrestrial and marine environmental best practice on Caqalai Island.

To find out how you can join this expedition or for more information about GVI, please visit their expedition page.

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