Sea Turtle Conservation and Short Term Internship

June 25, 2019
Jalova, Costa Rica
Closing date


Costa Rica is widely regarded as the birthplace of ecotourism, with the coastline playing host to multiple beaches providing a location for nesting for four of the world’s sea turtle species, namely the green turtle, hawksbill and leatherback. Sea turtles are endangered around the world, and programs like this one, which works toward protecting and preserving their nests, along with assisting with research initiatives, ensure their chances of longer term survival and sustainability.

On this program, you will be assisting with both day and night surveys along with GVI’s staff, who have been extensively trained by our partners on the ground. This internship is multifaceted and will require involvement in various programs carried out at Jalova, such as participating in rainforest and wildlife surveys, and birds surveys in the Southern end of Tortuguero National Park canals. There will be a higher focus on maintenance of resources for the successful execution of the projects on the ground.

This internship involves comprehensive staff mentorship, extensive training, feedback, and evaluation. This greatly improves your general employability whether you are looking for a career in sustainable development, conservation or teaching. You will gain practical, hands on experience in the field, which give you the opportunity to further your career prospects as well as giving you an edge over other candidates hoping to get a job in the conservation field.

As an intern you will also be expected to be proactive and flexible, to embrace this unique experience and to learn all you can.


Explore one of the most exotic locations in the word, as you work on an internship in the beautiful Jalova region of Costa Rica.

Meet and learn from your fellow international interns as you grow your employability and global citizen status.

Work in a collaborative, problem-solving environment as you work with a team and complete GVI’s Leadership Course certification.

Immerse yourself in the vast wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer, including some of the most majestic birds you will see around the world.

Assist with the conservation of an endangered species, while also learning more about the sector as a whole.

GVI offers professional recommendations for future employers once you complete this internship.

Gain practical hands on experience working with endangered sea turtles

To find out how you can join this expedition, follow this link to the GVI page!

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