SEA Change Training Programme

Atelier Aquatic SEA Change Volunteer Programme
March 4, 2020
Palawan, Philippines
Closing date


Atelier Aquatic SEA Change Volunteer Programme 

Atelier Aquatic is a Community Interest Company that uses creative solutions to engage communities in education and marine conservation.

The Volunteer Programme

“What you do for yourself dies with you when you leave this world,
what you do for others lives on forever.” ― Ken Robinson

The Atelier Aquatic SEA change programme (Scientific research, Environmental education, Aquatic Action) is designed to bring all the Atelier Aquatic NGO projects together for maximum impact in positive change for healthy diverse Oceans and sustainable development for dependent communities.

The Atelier Aquatic SEA Change programme is supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14; Life Below Water.
"To conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans, seas and marine resources."
A residential 4 week programme in a paradise location in Palawan, Philippines, "The most beautiful island in the world". Learn about, and be part of, conserving Port Barton Marine Park and all it is inhabitants. Enjoy and contribute to the warmth of the local community through creative action.

· Week 1; Marine life Education and Awareness
· Week 2; Scientific Research
· Week 3; Community Engagement
· Week 4; Creative Participation

Atelier Aquatic believe that creativity can create emotional connections to conservation issues that factual science alone cannot, essential in cultivating a desire to protect and conserve.

Why are we doing it?
The Ocean covers over 70% of the surface of planet Earth.
The Ocean produces 50% of the air we breathe.
The Ocean is home to up to 80% of species on Earth.
The Ocean stores 30% of all of our carbon emissions.
The Ocean generates £1.88 trillion per year, underpinning assets make the total value at least £15.55 trillion.
The Ocean provides protein and livelihoods through marine and coastal biodiversity for nearly 3 billion people.
We need the Ocean more than the Ocean needs us!

The Coral Triangle
· 6 million km2 area
· 76% of the world’s coral species
· 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species
· Sustains 120 million people
· US$12 billion nature-based tourism industry (yearly)

Philippines is at the apex of the Coral Triangle (CT), known as the “Amazon of the Oceans’ (Crabtree, & Douglas, 2007) has the largest marine biodiversity on Earth (Garces, et-al., 2013). Largely unexplored and undiscovered species,76% of
all known coral species are within the CT region, 37% of all known coral reef fish species, 53% of the world's coral reefs, the greatest extent of mangrove forests in the world, and spawning and juvenile growth areas for tuna and other globally-significant commercial fish species( Crabtree & Douglas 2007).120 million people live within 10km of the coastline, most of whom depend on the CT for their livelihoods ( Hoegh - Guldberg, et-al., 2009).

Marine and coastal resources are the foundation of communities and economies in the CT, these resources are under increasing threat. Pressures from rapid development of coastal areas for tourism, land-based sources of marine pollution, over-fishing, unsustainable fishing practices (Kronen, et-al., 2010; Turner et-al., 2007), coastal habitat conversion and climate change. Over 85% of its remaining reefs are threatened, with nearly 45% at high/very high threat levels (Burke, et al.,2011). The Philippines has both extraordinary marine biodiversity (Weeks, et-al.,24:531–40,2010), and disturbing issues leading to severe degradation of marine ecosystems ( Stobutzki, et-al., 2006;78:130–42; Pomeroy,et-al.,1997).

Recognising the need to protect and conserve the region's marine and coastal resources and the communities that rely them, the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) was formed in 2007. The countries are Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor–Leste. and the Philippines.

The Atelier Aquatic SEA change programme is supporting vital work for marine conservation and sustainable development in the Coral Triangle and Palawan, Philippines.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall

Where are we doing it?
Atelier Aquatic HQ accommodation for the SEA Change Volunteer programme is at The Overlook (, Port Barton, Palawan, famed as “The Most Beautiful Island in the World”.

Nestled in the jungle on the southern side of Port Barton village, on the road to White Beach. The Overlook site consists of 3 Luxury glamping tents, 5 budget style tents and the Overlook house and Atelier Aquatic HQ. The tents have additional native style “Nipa” roof for extra shelter from the tropical sunshine and rainfall. As the name would suggest the view from the Overlook site overlooks the beautiful crescent shape bay of Port Barton, a scattering of small tropical islands over the glittering waters of Port Barton and Imuruan Bay, the majestic Mount Capoas on the horizon. The Great Philippine Eagle can often be seen flying over the bay and the endangered Palawan Hornbill lives in the neighbouring jungle.. A breath taking view, that many feel is the best in Port Barton.

We work on a 5 days on 2 days off schedule over the programme. Giving you time to explore the picturesque surroundings and experience the beauty of Palawan and its people.

Atelier Aquatic SEA Change Volunteer Programme runs annually in 3 sessions; May, June, July when the water visibility is best for diving and snorkelling in the area.

Our group sizes are small to ensure a quality experience for all and an informal and friendly atmosphere for the programme. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

For more information please visit our website :

The Reef Check Eco Diver Course

5 days duration
Date; December – July.
Cost; £450
How to Apply
Please email – with a letter of application including;

  • Motivation
  • Experience
  • Inspiration for the future

Please see website for further information


Internships are considered on enquiry , please visit our website and get in contact

Any questions please get in touch, we would love to hear from you



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