Resident Marine Biologist

Atoll Volunteers
April 5, 2019
Kanuhura, Maldives
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ASAP - until position is filled
Volunteer staff position


Atoll Marine Conservation at Kanuhura is looking for a new marine biologist to start in Mid-May.

Atoll Marine Conservation – Kanuhura is a new and vibrant centre for injured and unreleasable sea turtles, based in the Maldives on a 5-star resort island. The centre is run under the NGO called Naifaru Juvenile which is based on a local island here in the Maldives.

The marine biologist will be in charge of running the turtle centre, caring for the turtles, progressing the coral gardening efforts, meeting and educating resort guests, and hosting and holding children’s club.

As such, the work requires constant commitment and passion. The position takes on a lot of responsibility and the chosen candidates will be expected to shoulder this responsibility in a disciplined and professional way while also keeping a healthy balance between work and fun. You will lead and interact with the resort guests daily and we strive to make sure they enjoy visiting the centre and learning things about the turtles and the marine environment.

As the marine biologist your job description will include the following…

1.Managing the operations and expansions at our marine centre : Maintaining and improving aesthetic appeal, operational facilities and educational content/displays , Daily opening to receive and educate visitors: guest talks, kids clubs, fundraising, Advising the resort on ecological matters
2. Managing and expanding/improving the Turtle Conservation programme
Ensuring correct sea turtle husbandry (daily)
Working towards effective protection for sea turtles and their eggs
Establishing and maintaining constructive communications with other sea turtle institutions
Continuing turtle conservation contributions for the Maldives Sea Turtle Monitoring Network
Monitoring and protection of sea turtle nests
3. Coral Gardening
4. Writing progress reports, funding reports and funding/ grant proposals where necessary
5. Assisting the operations and expansions at the marine centre in Naifaru
5-7 day visits to Naifaru every 3 months for meetings with the NGO and Naifaru marine centre staff and to help out with the centre in Naifaru
Possibility of short term placement in Naifaru if needed

The below criteria are extremely important as your effectiveness here will depend on your ability to thrive in the conditions and face all the tasks ahead.

1. You must have a Bachelor degree with some experience in a related field; marine biology, marine ecology etc.
2. You should have some proven experience working in a tropical country.
3. You will need to be an easy-going, approachable and friendly ‘team player’ as this position is more than a scientific one. You will be educating and communicating with resort guests daily.
4. The ability to work independently will be important as your ‘behind-the-scenes work/ideas’ will lead and mould the programme going forward.
5. You will need to be a confident and charismatic speaker with experience delivering informative but attractive and interactive slideshows. You will be delivering presentations to tourists, children, or even members of the council or other NGOs.
6. You will need to be physically fit and comfortable/strong in the water, preferably confident free-diver. It is extremely hot and unsheltered and you will have to travel around the island by foot.
7. You MUST be available for 6 months, with the opportunity in extending
8. Must be available to start mid-May

1. Experience working with sea turtles, whether in the wild or a captive-scenario, will be hugely beneficial as the health and happiness of the turtles is our first priority.
2. Coral gardening experience.
3. A working knowledge of reef ecology and tropical marine species


To apply for this position please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to

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