Marine Conservation Alternative Spring Break in Mexico

May 27, 2019
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Closing date


Marine Conservation Alternative Spring Break in Mexico

Pursue your interest in marine conservation and spend a week gaining skills in the field. Lectures and reflection periods will be centred around discussing vital topics and effective research techniques. Practical skills will also be developed including earning your PADI Open Water certification. Emphasis will also be placed on engaging with the local area and Mexican culture!


Use your spring break to advance your professional and personal skills. Take on the role of a marine conservationist for a week on the Mesoamerican reef, the world’s second largest reef. The area is full of marine diversity including sea turtles, tropic fish, manta rays, and over 60 different types of hard coral species.

The week-long program will be tailored towards critically examining marine conservation topics and research techniques relevant to the field. Time will also be allocated to earning your PADI Open Water Certification furthering your access to the underwater world.

The program will also allow you time and provide an opportunity to discover more of the exciting culture of Mexico. Side trips will be tailored to introduce you to the natural beauty of the area with possible visits to the areas cenotes, and historical sites.

Highlights Include:

Earn your PADI Dive Certification which opens you up to world of potential diving opportunities.

Engage in critical conversations surrounding the world of marine conservation. Reflect on your experience and personal development throughout the course of the week, giving you a chance to develop both personal and professional awareness.

Gain insight into Mexican culture and explore the diverse and stunningly beautiful location where the program is located.

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