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April 27, 2020
Online, United Kingdom
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Tune into our free live webinars. We have a range of fascinating speakers lined up including Manta Trust researchers, marine conservationists, policy makers, and underwater photographers!

For more information and to join the webinars please follow this link to the Manta Trust website


Saving Devils - Isabel Ender
Growing up a on a beach in Senegal, Isabel’s first memories are of falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It was the most beautiful lullaby, and she is convinced her love for the ocean began right there. Over five years Isabel led a global manta and devil ray conservation program funded by the Shark Conservation Fund, Save Our Seas Foundation and the IUCN. This included work across research, policy and community outreach. In her talk she discusses the challenges and milestones faced towards achieving global protection for manta and devil rays, and why we can’t stop there.
May 25th 9am BST

Gone with the wind - Joanna Harris
Joanna’s passion for manta ray conservation has continued through her master’s degree in marine science and then to her PhD at the University of Plymouth where her research on the biophysical drives of the species distribution patterns in the Indian Ocean will help improve current conservation strategies. During this talk she will discuss the seasonal distribution and habitat use by reef manta rays in the Maldives and the implications for conservation.
May 27th 3pm BST


Manta rays down under - Asia Haines
Project Manta was established in 2007 as a multidisciplinary research group focused on understanding the biology and ecology of manta rays in Australian waters. Asia joined the team in 2013 to manage the east coast sighting database and citizen science outreach. During this time the group has reported on a number of interesting findings from this part of the world, including the longest documented movement for a reef manta ray and the world's only known PINK manta ray! Asia is about halfway through her PhD looking into spatial and behavioural ecology of reef manta rays in Australia and beyond.
May 29th 9am BST

Previous webinars are also available to listen too including ….

  • Manta Ray Q&A - Dr. Guy Stevens
  • Maldivian Manta Rays - Tam Sawers
  • Mini Mantas in the Azores - Ana Sobral
  • Maldives’ Ocean Giants - Simon Hilbourne
  • Filming Blue Planet 2 - Roger Munns
  • Mantas in the Mexican Caribbean - Karen Fuentes
  • Do mantas have buddies? - Dr. Annie Murray
  • Manta ray reproduction and growth - Niv Froman
  • Manta hide and seek in New Zealand - Lydia Green
  • The power of conservation photography - Nuno Vasco Rodrigues
  • Lessons from the field - Kaitlyn Zerr

To Find out more about the Manta Trust or to listen to any of these webinars, please visit the Manta Trust website.









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