Marine Conservation Research Assistant

Institute for Marine Research
April 17, 2019
Dauin, Philippines
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The Institute for Marine Research is a grassroots non-profit organization that aims to conduct long-term and fine-scale research on coastal marine ecosystems, using this scientific evidence to educate, transform and encourage locally led marine conservation strategies within the Philippines.


The challenges facing coral reef ecosystems are no longer unknown, it’s the timescale and how individual reef systems and small island community behaviours are going to respond that is. The Dauin LongTerm Reef Monitoring Project to study coral reef ecosystem change through a localized, fine-scale resolution is IMRs key strategy for understanding local solutions to global problems for coastal communities in the Philippines.

Our Courses

The Institute for Marine Research (IMR) prides itself in being different from the standard citizen science methodologies utilized by organizations around the world. IMR offers courses to persons 18 years and older who wish to be trained in the most fine-scale and advanced research methodologies to monitor coral reef health and bring our mission and vision to life.

In order to assist us with our data collection, students must first take part in our three-week Research Assistant training course. Students must complete all components of the Research Assistant program in order to assist us in our data collection.

The requirements necessary to begin the Research Assistant program include:

  • Minimum PADI Advanced Open Water Qualified
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Must be available to begin RA training on the 1st of each month
  • Minimum 4-week commitment

Research Assistant Course (1 month)

Research Assistants (RAs) experience a unique opportunity to assist our Science Staff in the attainment and processing of all data collected from the Dauin Long-Term Reef Monitoring Project for the preservation of Dauin’s coral reef.

This one-month course is intended as an introduction into marine conservation science. RAs will not only learn practical, theoretical, problem-solving and analytical skills that will enhance their prospects as future conservationists, but will learn how to communicate science to local stakeholders through school education and community outreach programs.

The Research Assistant training begins on the 1st of each month. Prior to this start date, RAs must:

  •  PADI Advanced Open Water Qualified. If not already qualified, you will be required to arrive in Dauin 1-week prior to the RA start date to complete all necessary dive training.
  • Minimum 4-week commitment
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Pursuing Bachelors in Marine Biology is preferred but not essential

Skills Acquired:

  • 50 training and science dives over 4 weeks
  • PADI Open Water + Advanced Open Water Diver Certifications (if required)
  • Intimate knowledge of Coral Reef Ecosystems and Processes
  • Intimate knowledge of Coral Reef Species Identification within the Coral Triangle
  • Experience cultivating innovative research questions and methodology
  • Experience operating advanced underwater survey equipment, including Diver Operated Stereo Video Systems, 3-Dimensional Reef Modelling, Coral Impacts Assessment, Outbreak Management.
  • Data processing, statistical and analytical skills
  • Experience working directly with Marine Scientists
  • Career guidance for prospective Marine Scientists
  • Communicate science through Community Outreach Activities


Additional Courses Available:

  • Research Fellowship (3 months)
  • Research Assistant + Divemaster Course (3 months)
  • Research Assistant + Instructor Development Course (10 weeks)

For course prices and more information, visit:

Facebook: @institute.marineresearch Instagram: @institite.marineresearch Youtube: institutemarineresearch

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