Greece Sea Turtle Conservation Short Term Internship

Global Vision International (GVI)
May 13, 2019
Giannitsochori, Greece
Closing date


Greece Sea Turtle Conservation Short Term Internship

Our short-term internship is the perfect opportunity to work alongside an international conservation team and make a real contribution to one of the most important Loggerhead sea turtle nesting areas in the region. Interns assist with research, conduct surveys to protect the nests and the turtles from predation and educate the local people about conservation issues. Join us for an insightful internship to gain practical, hands-on conservation skills and truly make a difference to the environment!


Travel to the beautiful Kyparissia Bay in the southern Peloponnese of Greece and discover the local area whilst you learn more about the critical conservation efforts of these turtles. Our interns are based in the most important Loggerhead sea turtle nesting areas in the whole of Greece and have a unique opportunity to truly immerse themselves in protecting the environment and developing their own skills. The project is geared at providing long term benefits to the local environment and community.

Interns will engage in daily morning surveys to record nesting activity and protect turtle nests against predation by mammals and inundation by sea water. Furthermore, interns will inform overseas visitors and the local community about the conservation of these turtles. All our internships are geared at developing your leadership and role model skills, allowing you to develop a variety of soft and hard skills that will boost your marine conservation experience. GVI have been running community development, education, and conservation projects since 1997 and our highly experienced field staff will help you gain and improve vital skill sets to improve your future job prospects. This internship offers the opportunity for you to gain additional qualifications and experience in a conservation environment, giving you a fantastic starting point for developing your conservation career.

Highlights Include:

Working with one of the most endangered species in the Mediterranean and discovering the beauty of Greece’s Mediterranean coast. You can look forward to the thrill of seeing turtles lay their eggs and watching the hatchlings head for the sea. Experience the Greek culture first hand in a beautiful area which you can explore in your free time; take a great first step towards your career in practical conservation or simply making a lasting one-off contribution to the preservation of endangered turtles.

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