Giant Tortoise and Biodiversity Research

December 26, 2019
Curieuse Island, Seychelles
Closing date


Journey to Curieuse Island and its surrounding waters to take part in vital conservation initiatives in this stunning part of the world. Volunteering on this program will, amongst other tasks, involve monitoring the large population of Aldabra giant tortoises who roam freely on the island. There are so many in fact, that they outnumber the people!

On Curieuse Island we have partnered with the Seychelles National Parks Authority to ensure that our efforts are viable and bring about a sustainable impact. This may involve gathering carapace (shell) measurements, conducting an annual census of their population or counting the number of hatchlings and juvenile tortoises in the nursery.

Our beach-front camp is located on the white sand beach of Anse St. Jose and overlooks Praslin (Seychelles' second largest island), a short boat ride away. Our island conservation team comprises of a group of passionate international participants who assist on a variety of priority conservation projects. Expect to work with an abundance of flora and fauna whilst living the island life and learning new skills to boost your future career!


  • Develop the techniques you need to survey and monitor giant tortoises
  • Assist in our annual census of the island's Aldabra giant tortoise population and keep tabs on the growth rates of hatchlings and juvenile tortoises in the nursery
  • Live and work on our remote beachfront base camp
  • Work with an international group of like minded individuals
  • Collect data about the local fauna and flora
  • Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal #15, Life on Land

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