Fiji Coral Reef Ecology and Conservation Short Term Internship

February 4, 2021
Caqalai Island, Fiji
Closing date


Very few people are aware that the first of over 2000 coral species appeared over 500 million years ago. It is difficult to comprehend that in as little as the next thirty years, all discovered corals could be gone. There has never been a more important time for global conversation around the stagnation of the coral population and the issue is not something that is going to go away without decisive action.

On this program, you will have the unique opportunity to work on protecting the coral reef ecosystem on Caqalai island, as well as participating in local conservation initiatives, as coordinated by our team on the ground, in conjunction with local partnerships. We work closely with the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network and other local NGOs in order to help facilitate the best ways to assist the community in achieving their sustainability goals.

This program contains a combination of diving and snorkeling expeditions, with extensive training provided by our team of scientists, research divers, dive instructors, and members of the local community. Expect to engage with presentations and workshops with a focus on coral reef ecology and other marine life forms, as you expand your knowledge around the topic and learn as much as possible during your time with the GVI team.

This internship gives you the opportunity to gain a formal ILM (leadership) qualification, which you will complete during your time on base. This not only enhances your experience in the field but sets you up to apply for jobs within the conservation sector upon completion of the program.


  • Travel to one of the most exotic locations in the world, as you immerse yourself in the enchanting South Pacific Ocean.
  • Assist with coral reef research, data tracking and sharing with local partners.
  • Learn to be a modern leader in the multicultural milieu of the world by completing an ILM leadership training program while on this internship.
  • Engage and learn from locals on the small island of Caqalai, along with your fellow international volunteers.
  • Kickstart your career in marine conservation with hands on, practical experience in the field.
  • Participate in daily dives and snorkeling expeditions, submerging yourself into the vast, blue waters of Fiji.

To find out how you can join this internship visit the GVI Expedition page!

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