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Atoll Volunteers
November 1, 2019
Naifaru, Maldives
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Closing date
28th November 2019



We are looking for a new Aquarium Biologist to help develop our aquarium facility, improve on our clownfish breeding program and expand our coral farming project here at Atoll Marine Centre.

Our goal with these projects is to supplement the aquarium trade with sustainably sourced fish and coral whilst relieving stresses on coral reefs associated with wild-caught practices. We also aim to spread awareness and educate locals that are interested in keeping aquariums about the aquarium trade, marine ecosystems and aquarium life support systems. This has been achieved via workshops, presentations and informal chats.

The Aquarium Biologist will continue to build and expand the aquarium facility, breed and rear several clownfish species, farm soft, LPS and SPS coral species, maintain a large community display tank, culture multiple live feeds and have the ability to give presentations and lead informative workshops. You will also assist the two resident marine biologists working on the other marine conservation projects, such as turtle rehabilitation and various educational programmes.

This position will provide the successful candidate with a vast amount of experience in a plethora of marine biology related skills. From writing grant proposals to building filtration systems, you will also gain invaluable experience working with a local NGO situated on a remote local island immersed in a foreign culture.

We are looking for someone who has experience working with saltwater aquariums, with great husbandry skills (fish and corals), breeding ornamental fish species and a thorough understanding of life support systems. The ability to problem-solve is paramount to this position, you’ll also be expected to work independently with minimal supervision and minimal resources.


  • Record daily data and aquarium water parameters on each closed-loop system.
  • Feed all aquaria species balanced and varying diets and maintain live feed cultures.
  • Maintain, fix and clean tanks along with life support systems.
  • Maintain all aspects of the clownfish breeding program. Establish, condition, monitor and improve broodstock aquaria and system. Improve protocol and procedure to successfully rear larval stages, reduce mortalities, maintain healthy diet, and perfect life support system. Monitor growout phase carefully whilst organising logistics for eventual dispatch.
  • Maintain all aspects of coral farming program. Maintain stable water parameters, correctly frag different species, monitor incredibly closely all aspects of coral behaviour and health, feed and dose appropriately, maintain, improve and fix life support system and organise logistics for eventual dispatch.
  • Maintain large community display tank. This is vital to the coral farming program as all the frags will come from the largest corals within the display tank. Allowing the coral farming program to become sustainable and not dependent on alternative sources.
  • Adhere to strict quarantine protocols and monitor quarantine system closely for signs of disease. Maintain stable water parameters and service quarantine life support system regularly.
  • Fix, repair or improve anything within the aquarium facility with minimal resources.
  • Assist fellow marine biologists with all tasks within the marine centre


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (e.g. marine biology, aquaculture, conservation biology) or experience within aquaculture or the aquarium trade.
  • A solid understanding of clownfish breeding and coral propagation.
  • Interest and knowledge of marine ornamental fish species and corals.
  • Excellent husbandry skills.
  • Experience working with saltwater life support systems.
  • Knowledge and understanding of life support systems and how to build them.
  • Experience working with tools and materials related to aquarium design.
  • Ability to problem solve under pressure with minimal resources.
  • Experience collecting data, conducting or assisting in a research project and report writing
  • An understanding of the aquarium trade and aquaculture industry.
  • Physically fit.
  • Comfortable enough in the water to provide an assessment of new volunteers ability to snorkel safely.
  • Experience working in a tropical and/or developing country (non-essential).
  • Ability to scuba dive (non-essential).
  • Be available for 6 months (starting ASAP - Preferably the start of January 2020) with opportunity to extend.

To apply email your CV and a covering letter as one document to

Interviews will commence in December. Applications may close before the closing date if a suitable candidate is found.

Closing date – 28th November 2019

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