African Tropical Island and Savannah Conservation

Global Vision International (GVI)
July 25, 2019
Africa, Seychelles
Closing date


Experience the untouched beauty of protected natural regions in the Seychelles and South Africa while contributing directly to the preservation of these areas. Learn about the conservation challenges in these regions and what is being done by local authorities and international organisations to assist with wildlife and environmental conservation. On the weekends, go diving and snorkeling in the turquoise waters of the Seychelles and visit the Kruger National Park.

In the Seychelles, you will live and work on Curieuse island, a protected national park, along with GVI staff, interns, and other volunteers. Conduct surveys on Aldabra tortoises and research on nesting sea turtles and lemon shark pups, or carry out surveys of native coco de mer palms and mangroves. All our research is conducted in partnership with the Seychelles National Parks Authority. On weekends visit the nearby island of Praslin, home to the Valle de Mai, a world heritage site, thought by early explorers to be the original Garden of Eden, for a nature hike, relax on the many beaches, or go snorkelling in the crystal clear waters.

Then go on to live and work in South Africa, in a private nature reserve, only an hour’s drive from the famous Kruger National Park. Here you will have the opportunity to spot lions, leopard, elephants, and other South African wildlife while contributing to their preservation and that of their environment. Undergo extensive training to learn how to identify and track animals through the reserve and collect data that will be used by local and international organisations to ensure their conservation. Spend your mornings on a safari vehicle tracking predators and their prey across the savannah, the afternoons inputting the data into relevant databases, and the evenings learning more about conservation data collection techniques. You might also get involved in conducting environmental education programs at local schools or research projects concerning cheetah feeding behaviour and the impact of elephants on endemic plant species under threat. During your time off, get to know your fellow volunteers, take a trip to Kruger National Park or visit the Drakensberg mountains for climbing, hiking, and kayaking in this scenic region.

No special skills or qualifications are required to join this program, as all training will be provided by our fully qualified field teams. This will allow you to develop new skills to assist with future employability.

Please note travel between Seychelles and South Africa is not included. Feel free to speak to your Enrolment Manager about options and costs involved.


Go on a wildlife safari adventure in a private South African nature reserve.

Listen to the quiet hush of the wild open spaces, waking each morning to a chorus of savannah birds and drifting off to the nighttime hum of endemic frogs and crickets.

Learn to identify predators, like lions, cheetahs, and leopards, as well as megaherbivores like elephants and rhinos.

Master radio telemetry techniques and learning how to track and record animal movements.

In your free time, visit the famous Kruger National Park, only an hour away from where we are based or visit the nearby Drakensberg Mountains where awe-inspiring vistas are afforded over the Blyde River Canyon.

During the laying and hatching times you can watch as a female hawksbill turtle crawls out of the sea to lay her eggs, or help sea turtle hatchlings in their first journey to the sea

Catch and release baby sharks after collecting valuable measurements and data

Take a minute to unwind in the company of the island's gentle giant tortoises

Snorkel in crystal clear waters alongside coral, fish, turtles, eagle-rays, reef sharks, and spot dolphins from the boat.


For more information on this and all other GVI projects, please visit their expedition page!

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