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December 20, 2020
United Kingdom
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You love the oceans, but are not happy with your underwater pictures?

You want to be able to take breath-taking pictures on your dives, but you can’t figure out how?

You can’t wait for your next dive trip and you want to be ready to start taking amazing pictures on your dives when it finally happens?

Then sign up for ‘The Secrets of Underwater Photography’  online course!

This online program will teach you everything you need to know in order to start taking amazing pictures on your dives.

You will get video lessons, worksheets, and personal feedback on your pictures to maximize your learning curve.

Here are some of the things you will learn from the course:

  • Find out how to position your strobes
  • Understand how different settings affect your pictures and learn how to choose the right settings for your camera
  • Discover different creative techniques that will make your pictures stand out
  • Learn about ocean-conscious behavior
  • Be prepared for your next dive trip and start it off underwater instead of in the classroom
  • Get to know your camera
  • Start using your camera at its full potential instead of upgrading to a bigger setup.

At the end of the program, you will feel confident about choosing the right settings on your camera and be ready for those magical moments that are waiting for you beneath the surface. You will be able to compose macro and wide-angle shots, understand your camera and come back from your dives with beautiful pictures.

But because it is not all about getting that perfect shot, a strong emphasis of the program is on encouraging responsible behavior as underwater photographers and respecting the marine life.

And as a commitment to helping protect our oceans, 10% of all sales go straight to marine conservation organizations.

Come back from your dives with incredible pictures and be proud to share them with anyone you know. Because you are the voice of the ocean.

Are you ready to improve your underwater pictures?

Find out more about the course:

Book a free consultation call with Romina in order to find out if the course is right for you:

Do you think you can’t learn underwater photography online?

Sign up for a free training session and convince yourself of the opposite!

OceanSnaps was founded by Romina Bayer, an underwater photography coach, and ocean lover. Romina wants to inspire you to share your passion for the oceans through your pictures and share her learnings with you. If you have any questions, please reach out to Romina:

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