I had been following WiseOceans’ social media for a while, and it was through their Jobs Board that I found the organisation in Fiji where I did my Divemaster qualification. Leaving the beauty of Fiji was hard, especially as it was winter in the UK (and unlike most Brits, I enjoy 30°+ weather), but soon after arriving home I saw a job opportunity for a Marine Educator role in Seychelles and I was determined; I had to get this job.

Roll on a few months and I finally arrived in Seychelles and everything seemed to just fall in place. The lush green vegetation, the impossibly blue sea and the softest white sand that I’ve ever felt. And that’s just the location, the job itself is a perfect fit. How can you call it work when you get to talk to guests about your passion of marine biology? Even more amazingly, I get to show them the beauty of the bay and the fascinating creatures we see every day.

It’s hard to say what I most enjoy about my job. Whether it’s seeing the excitement of the guests faces as they spot a graceful eagle ray swimming underneath them or when they learn that fish enjoy spa treatments too (dutifully given by the cleaner wrasse), I must admit that this really is a dream come true.