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“My daughters did a ‘Dive into the Classroom’ session today & I think it’s fair to say it was their favourite lesson by far! This is what home schooling is all about! Engaging, interactive, fun learning (not with your frazzled parents!) that’s not trying to replicate school. They absolutely LOVED it. They’re now much more knowledgeable on coral reefs than me… as soon as the session ended, they asked when the next one is. Happy children = happy parents & it was so nice to see them enjoying it & for us to both be able to take a step back for a bit with the pressure off. Highly recommend these sessions and we can’t wait for the next one! Thank you, WiseOceans! 😃👍Sophie Ford, UK

I thought the program was wonderful! We have an active group of 1st graders this year and they were very engaged! Thank you so much! Leslie Davis, Cleveland Elementary, Oklahoma City

The WiseOceans’ presentation held the interest of all the children in my P2/3/4 class.  The style is informative, interactive and fun, providing lots of scope for follow up projects or lessons.  Weeks have gone by and the children still ask when WiseOceans will be coming back for a visit!  Keri Reed, P2/3/4 class & deputy Head Teacher

We really enjoyed your visit.  All the children were enthusiastic about it and the teachers said how lovely it was to have an expert to answer the children’s questions.  It was a great day and great value for money. Sarah Gledhill, Hawthorns 1st School, Durrington, UK