Dive into the Classroom – Testimonials


Thank you for coming into our classroom.  It was fantastic! Miss Jennifer, Head of Lower School Science, The Hampshire School, Chelsea, UK

I thought the program was wonderful! We have an active group of 1st graders this year and they were very engaged! Thank you so much! Leslie Davis, Cleveland Elementary, Oklahoma City

On behalf of the grade 3/4 students at Ecole Norwood Park, I would like to offer you a gigantic “THANK YOU” for  an awesome session this morning!. The students were so engaged throughout the entire session and almost didn’t want to let you go even though the lunch bell had sounded!!.  It was a most interesting and informative session, one which will remain in their memories for a long time to come. Thank you for the additional French bonus, your passion and your flexibility. I will definitely continue to use WiseOceans presentations in future classes.  Thank you again!!  Mme Amoah, Ecole Norwood Park, Ontario, Canada

We really enjoyed your visit.  All the children were enthusiastic about it and the teachers said how lovely it was to have an expert to answer the children’s questions.  It was a great day and great value for money. Sarah Gledhill, Hawthorns 1st School, Durrington, UK


Muthill Primary School, Perthshire, UK

Abbie from WiseOceans visited my class and enthralled and engaged all the children.  It made them think about what we are doing to the oceans of the world and what we can do to help.  It was a super experience.  Sheila McMillan, P1/2 class teacher

Disappointment is the first thing that comes to mind after our talk this afternoon from WiseOceans.  We were all so disappointed that the talk had to come to an end!  The hour just flew by, the children were so engrossed with the subject, they kept asking relevant questions and the discussion that was generated as a result was fantastic.  We certainly are keen for WiseOceans to make a return visit.  Anne McGregor, P6/7 class teacher


Assembly for the whole school

My Primary 1/2 class thoroughly enjoyed their “Under the Sea” topic.  Especially when Abbie from WiseOceans (a real life Marine Biologist!) came to talk to them about marine awareness and life under the sea. What started out as a half hour session stretched to an hour and a half with the whole class fascinated with Abbie’s work. They loved the photo’s of all the aquatic animals and Abbie’s work with coral. WiseOceans took complex ideas and made them accessible to young minds.  This was an incredibly valuable learning experience that helped the children explore, discuss and learn about marine conservation and the impact our lives in rural Scotland could have on the oceans of the world. Abbie’s talk provided an opportunity not just to further the children’s knowledge in science and social studies but an opportunity to examine globalisation and Scotland’s place in the world, our rights and responsibilities and enterprise. A superb learning experience that I would thoroughly recommend – thank you WiseOceans.  Linda Thorogood, Muthill Primary School, Perthshire, UK

Dive Master workshops

Dive Master workshops

The Divemaster talks with Abbie were interesting and lots of fun. We learnt many fascinating facts about fish and coral, allowing us to be more knowledgeable when talking to clients. The beautiful photos on the slides helped us to learn how to identify common reef fish, making diving more enjoyable and allowing us to answer the once-feared question of “what fish was that?”. The talks boosted our enthusiasm and passion for the underwater world and have influenced the people that we take on dives. They were a great success!  Julia Rushton, Dive Master, Underwater Centre, Seychelles

I’d like to thank you first for your presentation with my students.  Part of our science curriculum deals with the impact man has on natural ecosystems and the threats of mankind on wild animals. Your presentation, was on top of everything, well adapted to our young students (8 to 10). I think they understood well the message your organisation sent. Your presentation was for me the starting point of work in class. As you may know, primary school teachers teach everything from maths to english, from PE to geography… We know a few things but we are not experts in anything. This is why, a presentation like yours is more than welcome. It brings some expertise into the ball game…  Thanks again, maybe another time.  Olivier Caldairou, Grade 5 and 6 teacher, French School, Seychelles

Thank you so much for Skyping with our school yesterday!  Our students really enjoyed the presentation about marine life and loved seeing all of the photos and videos that you shared. Dana, Scott, Aileen, and the entire Chatterton School, Chatterton School NY, USA

class5Opinions of children from P2, International School, Mahe, Seychelles

I liked it when Abbie came to our class’ – Yashvini
I liked singing about sharks’ – Mila
I liked to see the Whale swim’- Mishti
I love Star fish’ – Angelica
I loved it when Abbie showed us the pictures of sealife’ – Tawab

WiseOceans sessions via Skype in the Classroom – Testimonials

IMG_2743Well done, thank you so much.  The children are so young and have such limited English, but we worked hard to prepare them and you were the perfect conclusion to their inquiries into oceans & sea life.  The teachers were especially pleased that your answers were so age appropriate.  Thank you for your patience, expertise, and cheerfulness in dealing with our young learners.  Thanks a million – we enjoyed working with you.  Betty Turpin, Learning Commons Specialist, International School of Stuttgart, Germany

YES! The session worked out well. Thanks so much. Jane Kinkle, 8th Grade, USA 1st Skype session ever

12191127_1017768901619022_2600546527758937453_oWe sure enjoyed chatting with you! Tiffany Moore, 5th Grade Teacher, Nevada Elementary School, Rural Arkansas, USA

Thank you so much !!!! My class was very excited!!! We will make posters and email it to you!!! Suhela Ghanie, 2nd Grade teacher, New Prospect Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Thank you so much it was amazing! Ms Zamora, 3rd Grade teacher, Dean Krueger Elementary, San Antonia, Texas, USA

Thank you for that wonderful experience.  The lesson tied in so nicely to last weeks skype with the Turtle Hospital – both helping save the Oceans.  Mrs Hebel Gardens/Morton Elementary, Marysville MI, USA

Thank you so much! We’ve learnt lots of interesting facts! Thanks for a great session! Ms Bargas, Belgrano Day School, Buenos Aires

Thanks again for presenting to our class.  (Charlotte) you are a great speaker and the kids were truly captivated by hearing everything you had to say about oceans.  Take care and keep up the great work!  Mr Saretsky, Grade 2 class, Wadena Elementary, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you so much for Skyping with us today. The kids loved it!  Melissa Deweeze, Western Intermediate school, USA

Thank you @WiseOceans for sharing your knowledge with us today! Nina Eidson, Clark Creek 3rd Grade class, GA, USA

Thank you so much for very informative session, my students have enjoyed it. Kirti Tripathi, Amity International School Noida India

We really enjoyed our time together. Terry Stoufer, Lecanto Primary School, FL, USA

Thanks so much for helping out in our classroom we appreciate this resource! Mr. LaBlanc, New Heights Elementary school, USA

20150129_093312Thanks so much for your time!  The students are super excited about what they learned. Christine Gray, 5th &6th Grade teacher, Octorara Interneationla School, Pennsylvania, USA

What a great opportunity Abbie! Thanks so much for generously giving your time. Ryan Tindal, 5th Grade teacher, Ontario, Canada

Hi Abbie, The children and I would like to thank you for a wonderful learning experience! You were fantastic and the students really learned a lot. I would love to set up some more sessions with you involving some other grades here at my school. I will certainly be in touch!  Scott, 
The Goshen Friends School, USA

Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom

My kids loved this lesson! They have talked about it all day long. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Mrs Herbert, Golden Learning Centre, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much!  I didn’t realize the time difference…it’s quite late over there!  I appreciate you taking the time 🙂  Clay Freeman, Winecoff Elementary, Concord, NC, USA

I love the connections that my class is making this year thru ‪@SkypeClassroom Call with ‪@WiseOceans in the Seychelles was great!  Jason Wigmore, Grade 4, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you soooo much!!! As soon as we disconnected one of my students shouted out “That was awesome!” & they all started cheering!! lol” Ms Hall, 4th Grade teacher, Dover Elementary School, USA

Thank you so much for the skype lesson today!!! My students loved it and talked about it all day! Jodi Gregory Roper, 3rd Grade class in Texas, USA

Thank-you so much. These are inner city boys and girls that rarely get 10 miles from home. Mrs Gresh, Grade 3, USA

Joe GrabowskiThank you so much for today’s Skype lessons. The children (& grandparents) enjoyed your wonderful answers to their questons! Your knowledge & enthusiasm for the subject were superb. Thanks so much for singing along with us! Mrs Regan’s class of 5 year olds and their grandparents

Wow! I really enjoyed the session this morning, as did the kids and the rest of the staff. I learned so much and could have asked many more questions myself! Ms Clark, 2nd Grade teacher, Texas, USA

Thank you so much Abbie for such an awesome lesson. The children were so amzed with your knowledge of the ocean and your ‘chat’ with us has certainly opened the door for a wonderful follow up assignment for us. We so appreciated you taking the time to answer all our questions. Mrs Fanti, Grade 4, Johannesburg, South Africa

12120120_1007041376025108_4417766381078726777_oThanks for a great lesson and Q & A. The kids are still talking about it. Mrs Anderson, Kindergarten, Wisconsin, USA

Just want to thank you again for the great Skype chat. The kids were very excited to speak with you and learn from an expert! They were also extremely interested in the fact that a giant squids eyes were as big as beach balls!  Thanks for what you do in trying to bring places these kids may never see to light 🙂 Lori Marini, 2nd Grade, USA

Our Kindergarten classes would like to say thank you very much for making our first Skype experience such an exciting one! The children talked about it for the rest of the week.  Thank you again!! Mme McKibbin, Kindergarten, Canada

Thank you so much again. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a lot! They are delighted with their new information on species.  Mrs McCullough, P1/2 teacher, Muthill Primary School, Scotland, UK

I'll take any questions!

I’ll take any questions!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Abbie for my exam classes. I gave her a copy of our syllabus and she created presentations with loads of images and videos which were targeted directly at the curriculum. When presenting the Biodiversity and Conservation topics, my emphasis and experience is primarily terrestrial. It was extremely valuable to have Abbie approach the same issues from a marine perspective. I truly felt that Abbie greatly enriched the student’s experience of ecological research and conservation issues and hence they were greatly advantaged in their exams. She has a very warm and personable approach, with good questioning skills which facilitated some lively discussion of the issues.  Being an Island nation with a high dependence on the sea, conservation of our reefs and its inhabitants is essential for maintaining our fishing and tourism industries. Abbie ran a series of lively, informative assemblies for all year groups, raising awareness of the environmental issues and hopefully this will influence the behavior of the next generation.  Abbie has also run a Save our Seas Club at the school, which the students enthusiastically participate in discussions and take part in snorkeling activities.  Lisa McCarthy, Head of Science, International School, Mahe, Seychelles.

Abbie and some colleagues came to The Children’s House Montessori school to share information with the children about the sea. The activities were fun and the children really enjoyed singing and dancing.  The children learned about different sea creatures and how sharks are not to be frightened of.  As a teacher I found the presentation to be fun and age appropriate to the early years, I even learned a few things myself!  Heather Wigley, Teacher, The Children’s House, Montessori School, Seychelles

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught”.  Baba Dioum, Senegalese Conservationist.


Learning is FUN!

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