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Have a Marine Biologist in your class, wherever you are in the world!

A very popular aspect of our “Dive into the Classroom” programme is our classes via Skype.  We run an exciting series of classes which combines a movie of a lesson and a ‘live’ Q&A session with one of our team.  Through this fantastic programme we have connected with schools all around the globe.  All you need is internet connection, a webcam and a class of kids!  Download more information and prices.

Location is not an issue!  We currently offer 3 lessons via internet calling:


Coral, sharks, turtles, whales – lets dive in and explore!

Coral, sharks, turtles, whales – lets dive in and explore! (6 years and older)  In our most popular class students are given an overview of some of our most iconic and loved marine creatures. But wait are coral creatures? Well we’ll find out in this class! The class will be a mixture of teaching and discussion. We will look at the habitats and behaviour mixed with some incredible facts and stories. We’ll talk about threats to these creatures and why they are endangered. There are so many incredible things to learn and see, all of which cannot be achieved in one class. What we aim to do is give an exciting insight into our beloved marine life with the aim of opening things up to students to want to learn more.


Let’s see who lives in the sea!

Let’s see who lives in the sea! (3-5 year olds)  A visual look at the variety of creatures who lives in our oceans.  As we flick through a selection of photos highlighting some of the incredible diversity we have in our oceans the children will start to build a fascination for them. The children will be able to shout out if they know what they see and then hear a short explanation of that creature from a real life Marine Biologist! Being a very visual presentation it is aimed at a younger audience and maybe those with limited English or learning difficulties. Each slide has the English word to describe the creature. There are also some movies and we finish off with some jumping around and singing songs with fun actions.


It’s time to rethink the shark!

It’s time to rethink the shark! (12 years and older) Sharks! Whether we love them or fear them we all have a fascination with them.  One of the most fascinating things is there is just so much to learn about sharks? From the fact they have been in our oceans since before the dinosaurs to their super senses and so much more…fascinating! There is a lot to learn and a lot of questions to answer; how many teeth do they have, how many species are there, are they dangerous? Who are sharks closest relatives? There is a lot to be learnt and much more to be understood and appreciated. What would our oceans be like without sharks? What role do they play? What threats do they face? These questions and much more will be discussed. Sharks! You’ll certainly come away loving them and still being fascinated by them…it’s a sharktastic class!

When you sign up to one of these lessons you will be sent a link to download a filmed class (30-40 minutes) which you and your class will then watch.  Having watched the class students should prepare some questions for WiseOceans. A suitable ‘live’ session will be arrange when a member of our team will be ready for your class to bombard them with questions via Skype.  The question session can be anything from 20-40 minutes.

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We look forward to meeting your class soon – wherever you may be or indeed wherever our WiseOceans Marine Educator may have surfaced from a dive!

skype_inclassroom_logoWiseOceans is thrilled that these lessons have been part of Skype in the Classroom’s fantastic Exploring Oceans programme.  Skype in the Classroom offer a host of amazing talks with incredible specialists in marine conservation.  Link up with scientists and other schools from all across the globe.

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Mrs Lewis’ class from Parkview Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Wigmore's class from Burnt Elm Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Wigmore’s class from Burnt Elm Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Freeman's class from Winecoff Elementary School in Concord, North Carolina, USA

Mr Freeman’s class from Winecoff Elementary School in Concord, North Carolina, USA

Mrs Chaback's class in upstate New York, USA

Mrs Chaback’s class in upstate New York, USA

Mrs Roper's 3rd grade class from Texas, USA

Mrs Roper’s 3rd grade class from Texas, USA

Miss Emma's bilingual class from Spain

Miss Emma’s bilingual class from Spain