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We run an exciting series of classes which combine a media-rich presentation with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion with our Marine Educator. From an overview of the coral reef and the fantastic creatures that live on it through to specialized classes on corals, whales & dolphins, turtles, and sharks we have lessons to suit all interests, ages and abilities.  Through this fantastic programme, we have connected with schools all around the globe.  All you need is an internet connection, a webcam and a class of kids!

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We currently offer 5 lessons via Skype:

Coral Reefs: Let’s Dive in and Explore is our introductory lesson and is our most popular.  We provide an overview of coral reefs, exploring what coral reefs are and the wonderful, diverse creatures that live on them such as coral, reef fish, sea turtles, invertebrates, whales & dolphins and of course everybody’s favourite…sharks. Alongside fantastic footage taken by our team around the world, we will share amazing facts and stories about life on the coral reef. Your class will also have lots of opportunities to interact and quiz our Marine Educator. This class can be adapted to suit any age from kindergarten kids to teenage science geeks as well as adult groups.

There are so many incredible things to learn and see, all of which cannot be achieved in one class. For those wanting more, we also run a series of classes specialising in some of the most iconic creatures in the oceans (all suitable for ages 6-11 and 12+).

Sharks: Let’s challenge the stereotype of sharks being mindless, vicious man-eaters. Learn the facts about the sheer diversity of sharks (did you know there are over 500 different species of sharks?), their super senses, their importance in keeping the oceans healthy and the threats they face.
Your class will come away with a love for sharks and armed with the knowledge to become ambassadors for these magnificent and misunderstood marvels of the ocean.


Turtles: Do turtles really come back to the beach they were born on to lay their eggs? Find out the answer to this and much more with our turtly-tastic turtle talk.
Discover the incredible journey turtles make during their lives, learn about the different species of sea turtles, find out where they live and what they eat. Also, we’ll explore the current threats to these endangered animals and what steps each of us can make to help turtles, wherever you live.


Whales & Dolphins: From the blue whale (the largest creature that ever lived) to Maui’s dolphin (the smallest and rarest dolphin), there’s plenty to discover about these much-loved marine mammals. As some of the biggest and most charismatic animals in the ocean, whales and dolphins are often the first creatures to really spark a child’s interest in marine life.
This lesson will build on this enthusiasm with fascinating facts, amazing images and unforgettable videos.


Coral: Is coral a rock, a plant or an animal? Learn the answer to this and other amazing facts with a fascinating exploration of this incredibly important creature (oops – we may have given you a clue there!). Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the oceans yet support more than 25% of marine life. In addition to exploring how corals live and reproduce your class will learn about how we are helping to restore a coral reef with an in-depth look at our own Reef Restoration Project. Yes, it really is like coral gardening!

When you sign up to one of these lessons you will be contacted by one of our team to arrange a suitable date and time. Each lesson will last around 30-40 minutes

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Mrs Lewis’ class from Parkview Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Wigmore's class from Burnt Elm Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Wigmore’s class from Burnt Elm Public School, Ontario, Canada

Mr Freeman's class from Winecoff Elementary School in Concord, North Carolina, USA

Mr Freeman’s class from Winecoff Elementary School in Concord, North Carolina, USA

Mrs Chaback's class in upstate New York, USA

Mrs Chaback’s class in upstate New York, USA

Mrs Roper's 3rd grade class from Texas, USA

Mrs Roper’s 3rd grade class from Texas, USA

Miss Emma's bilingual class from Spain

Miss Emma’s bilingual class from Spain