Cross Country Island Hopping!

Not many people can say that they work as a Marine Educator in Seychelles, and even fewer get the opportunity to go experience Mauritius for three months as a Marine Educator. I was thrilled when the opportunity turned up and the experience in Mauritius so far has not been a let-down.

I have been at our Marine Education Station at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius for almost a month now and it has been a very interesting. I am a man of habit and told myself this move for three months is not a big change since I am going to be doing the same role just in a new location. I am indeed doing the same role, and yet it feels very different to what I was doing in Seychelles. I will be spending a big portion of my time here by myself and it is very different to what I am used to in Seychelles, this has given me a whole new appreciation for working with a team and for working by myself.

The change in snorkelling sites is the most prominent part of this move. It has been really nice to be able to snorkel at sites I haven’t before, and to spot and take pictures of different marine life. It’s also been fantastic to finally get the chance to snorkel in the mangroves, one of my favourite marine ecosystem (wait, who am I kidding, I can’t pick a favourite!).

Reef scene, Eau Bleu Mauritius

Mangrove selfie with Rick

Anemone, Eau Bleu Mauritius

Getting the opportunity to explore Mauritius and its culture has also been a pleasure. Mauritians are one of the nicest people I have come across and they have been very welcoming with me. I went around exploring on my day off to try some local cuisine; I am not embarrassed to say that I think I will be putting on some layers around me while I am here!

Mauritian Ice cream

Street food

The next two months seem very promising: plenty more snorkelling, exploring and eating! I know… I know… I have a horrible job! 😀 😉

Tapioca galette

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