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An Interview with WiseOceans… Lucy McLeod from Orca

This week we’re with Lucy Mcleod, Senior Wildlife Officer at ORCA.  She has got to where she is through hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.  Her advice is that if you are able to stay passionate and continue learning and gaining new experiences there is nothing you can’t achieve.  We agree! Name: Lucy Mcleod Job Title: […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans… Ashley Yarbrough from REEF

This week we’re with Ashley Yarbrough, Education Leadership Intern from REEF.  Ashley was  interested in oceans and their conservation from a young age. Knowing this she was then able to chose relevant university courses and benefited from choosing courses that diversified her education while still focusing on her particular interests. Ashley’s great advice is to explore […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans… Zoe Cox from Atoll Volunteers

This week we’re in Maldives with Zoe Cox, Marine Biologist at Naifaru Juvenile.  She believes that making a real difference involves education and workshops for local communities which we wholeheartedly agree with her here at WiseOceans.  Her advice is to volunteer as a fantastic way to gain experience in a hands-on environment. Name: Zoe Cox […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans… Will Brown from CRRU

This week we’re with Will Brown up in the stunning Moray Firth in Scotland. Will’s advice is that hard work really does pay off, oh and guess what, how important good statistical and mathematical skills! Name: Will Brown Job Title: Research Assistant Organisation: Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) What inspired you to pursue a career in […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans… Kylie Merritt from One&Only

  Studying hard and spending her spare time networking and volunteering gave Kylie the opportunity to land her dream job as a Resident Marine Biologist.  She believes that education and positive experiences are the key to making people appreciate the marine environment and spends her time making sure this happens.  Her advice to budding marine […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans… Nicki Wheeler from LAST

An Interview with WiseOceans… Nicki Wheeler from LAST This week we’re in Costa Rica with Nicki Wheeler, International Coordinator for LAST.  Nicki aims to motivate students and volunteers into action and inspire them to become the next generation of turtle protectors.  She warns that the road is sometimes bumpy but the rewards are great! Name: […]

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