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An Interview with WiseOceans…Shainéa Reilly From Atoll Marine Centre

An Interview with WiseOceans… Shainéa Reilly from Naifaru Juvenile – Atoll Marine Centre This week we chat to Shainéa. Like so many of our interviewees, Shainéa emphasises the importance of using your university term breaks and summer vacations to build up your experience by volunteering. Name: Shainéa Reilly Job Title: Marine Biologist Organisation: Atoll Volunteers What inspired you to pursue […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Alex Burden from Atoll Marine Centre

An Interview with WiseOceans… Alex Burden from Naifaru Juvenile – Atoll Marine Centre  This week we chat with Alex. There can be hardships developing a career in marine conservation but Alex’s advice is not to let that put you off. Enjoy every moment of it, it’s worth it! Name: Alex Burden Job Title: Marine Biologist Organisation: Naifaru Juvenile […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Charlotte Orba from WiseOceans

An Interview with WiseOceans… Charlotte Orba from WiseOceans This week we chat with Charlotte, WiseOceans’ Education and Communications Manager. She took the plunge and changed career mid-life and hasn’t looked back since. If you are looking to make the same change, her advice is to value the skills and experience you have – they might […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Team members from Island Conservation Society

An Interview with WiseOceans… Team members from Island Conservation Society  This week we chat with some staff members and volunteers at Island Conservation Society. Their advice is to work hard and gain practical skills like boat maintenance alongside many other skills.  Names: Jean Claude Camille (Conservation Ranger), Matthew Morgan (Conservation Officer) and Sebastian Contorot (Island Conservation […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Lindsay Sullivan from WiseOceans

An Interview with WiseOceans… Lindsay Sullivan from WiseOceans This week we continue chatting to the WiseOceans team. Lindsay, our Director of Resort Marine Education and Development discusses her path into marine conservation. Her advice for budding marine conservationists is to work hard, be friendly, be professional and to not give up! Name: Lindsay Sullivan Job Title: […]

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