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An Interview with WiseOceans…Pascoal Bernardo Nhamússua from Love the Oceans

This week we chat to… Pascoal Bernardo Nhamússua, Community Outreach Manager with Love the Oceans. Through his role with Love the Oceans he is able to contribute to his community, promoting marine science and conservation, while keeping Mozambique culture at the heart of everything. Name: Pascoal Bernardo Nhamússua Job Title: Community Outreach Manager Organisation: Love the […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…James Greenhalgh from The Reef-World Foundation

This week we chat to…James Greenhalgh, Digital Strategy Manager for The Reef-World Foundation. He made the move to the marine conservation sector from sales and marketing in the private sector. You don’t have to have a degree in marine biology to have a successful marine conservation career – finding that sweet spot where they both […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Emma Hedley from Manta Trust – Maldivian Manta Ray Project

This week we chat to…Emma Hedley from Manta Trust – Maldivian Manta Ray Project. Getting lots of varied experience is essential to landing your dream job. Wider transferable skills alongside things like diving qualifications and relevant fieldwork all help to make you employable. And if you want to be doing fieldwork then good physical fitness […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Nikola Piesinger from Seal Rescue Ireland

This week we chat to…Nikola Piesinger from Seal Rescue Ireland. Flexibility and adaptability when things don’t quite to plan are crucial skills to have – especially out in the field. Also, building and maintaining relationships is incredibly important in such a competitive and (relatively) small sector. Name: Nikola Piesinger Job Title: Education Manager Organisation: Seal Rescue […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Alberto Queiruga Maneiro from Tengah Island Conservation

This week we chat to…Alberto from Tengah Island Conservation. While he spends much of his time underwater and working directly with sea turtles Alberto also points out the importance of gaining skills and experience in statistics and GIS. It’s not the first time we’ve heard this advice! Name: Alberto Queiruga Maneiro Job Title: Project Manager […]

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An Interview with WiseOceans…Shir Bar from Love the Oceans

This week we chat to…Shir Bar from Love the Oceans. Alongside developing practical and academic skills, Shir points out that experience in data analysis and people management can be equally important in your marine conservation career. Name: Shir Bar Job Title: Marine Biologist Field Specialist & Venture Leader Organisation: Love the Oceans What inspired you […]

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