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Counting Starfish

Last November Udo Engelhardt, an expert on the management of crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), visited Seychelles to provide training to local stakeholders after concerns of an outbreak (a sudden increase in the population of COTS) in the northwest of Mahe. The training session took place over a couple of days and involved a classroom theory session […]

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WiseKids Our beautiful Marine Ecology picnic table covered in colourful books, games and photos of marine life never fails to attract the excited eyes of the younger guests at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. Each Wednesday we spend the afternoon at the resort’s Kids Club when marine biologists in the making get to do some arts […]

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Shifting Sands

Beaches are created by tides and currents which bring in sediment and debris; however the tides and currents can also destroy beaches by taking the sediment away.  This movement of sand is natural and varies throughout the year with differing seasons and weather. But one of the most significant threats to beaches is coastal erosion. […]

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Vacation time!

After being in the Seychelles for over six months it was time for a holiday. But where to go when you’re already in paradise? With everything the Seychelles has to offer – beautiful white sandy beaches, lush green mountains and crystal clear waters, one would probably desire to visit a big city full of shops, […]

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