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Magroves, FSRM, Aug 2015 © WiseOceans

The trees of the sea

Along the East coast of Mauritius lies a very important, yet underrated ecosystem – mangroves! Mangroves are trees and shrubs which grow in tidal tropical areas benefiting from a freshwater runoff. They are specially adapted to this environment with an extensive root system to maximise gaseous exchange. In Mauritius you can find just two of […]

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World Oceans Day 2015

World Oceans Day is a UN-designated official day to celebrate the oceans, their importance in our lives and how we can protect them. Of course it is one of our favourite days of the year! Celebrations for World Oceans Day with WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles began long before the official date, 8th June. […]

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