Marine Educators At Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

WiseOceans Marine Discovery Programme at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

WiseOceans and Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita are working together to protect coral reefs and mangroves in Mauritius, while raising awareness of the importance of local marine life.  Our Marine Discovery Programme at the Resort incorporates environmental education into the guest experience, enhancing guest knowledge and understanding of the beautiful coral reefs and lush mangroves surrounding the Resort.  And it all starts here, at the Marine Education Station, the place to learn about the marine life of Mauritius from our resident Marine Educator.

Discover the fascinating underwater world of Mauritius on guided snorkels  

Our resident WiseOceans Marine Educator leads Resort guests and staff on snorkels round the incredible mangroves and on nearby coral reefs, revealing the hidden secrets of these fascinating environments.

Marine life in Mauritius includes reef fish, such as parrotfishsurgeonfishbutterflyfishangelfish, wrassemoorish idols, moray eels and batfish, plus a variety of coral and other invertebrates such as urchinssea starssea cucumbers and clams.

Learn more about the reef and mangroves in weekly marine life talks and fun quizzes, and contribute to coral reef research on the reef by participating in a CoralWatch survey. In a CoralWatch survey, data on levels of coral bleaching is collected, added to a global database of coral health and shared with the Ministry of Environment in Mauritius, helping to build a broader picture of the health of marine life across Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean.

Peppered moray eel

Meet Rick, our WiseOceans Marine Educators at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

Our resident WiseOceans Marine Educator Rick is a full time source of knowledge and inspiration for guests and staff; there to educate, enthuse, and engage.  Rick inspires guests to try snorkelling on the reef and in the mangroves, gives confidence to nervous snorkellers, and holds lively conversations with excited guests about what they have seen in the beautiful waters surrounding the Resort.

Visit our Resort Marine Educator Blog to follow our Marine Educators in action!


View from FSRM August 2015 © Lindsay Sullivan | WiseOceans


Fantastic experience, Krishna is the best marine biologist in the Indian Ocean and Linley is a super safe and funny captain. Great time!” Roberto, February 2017

“Go to the mangroves and your mind will stay there forever. Jo is an excellent guide and took some beautiful photos which are a great memory or an even greater adventure. We should all do something to save this habitat.” Mr Friedrich, August 2016


“We had the most amazing experience! I have snorkelled before, but this was the first time I took my 5 year old daughter who is just learning to swim. On the way out to the snorkel site Jo spent some time with her to explain to her about the fish that she would see and the marine ecosystem. We were taken to a really fabulous location where we were expertly guided in the ocean through the most breathtaking underwater scenery. Jo was great at pacing the trip at the right level given this was my daughter’s first experience and getting her to enjoy the experience. We thoroughly had a great time and was the highlight of our holiday, my daughter enjoyed it so much that she wants to go back again soon!” The Patel Family, August 2015

“Our personal snorkelling trip with Jo was a very enjoyable experience during our recent holiday. Jo was very professional and efficient and she helped build our confidence in the water.  It was great fun and a memorable experience as part of our fantastic holiday.” Mr and Mrs Lewis, April 2016

“Fantastic time, never snorkelled before. Krishna very patient and excellent marine teacher. THANK YOU.” Elaine and Jeremy, March 2017