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Blue Ventures Published: July 17, 2017
Anjouan, Comoros, with some regional travel, Comoros
Job Type
Closing date
27th July 2017
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Project Manager, Comoros

  • Start date: End August 2017
  • Contract duration: Full time position, 12 month contract, with opportunities for renewal, with three month trial period
  • Remuneration: Competitive salary based on experience

Organisation overview

Blue Ventures is an award-winning marine conservation organisation working to rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities. We’re committed to protecting marine biodiversity in ways that benefit coastal people. We work in places where the ocean is vital to local cultures and economies, and where there is a fundamental unmet need to support human development.

Summary job description

We are currently recruiting a Project Manager to lead our efforts supporting local partner organisations in the Comoro Islands. The role will entail leading Blue Ventures’ partnership project with Anjouan-based NGO Dahari.

The successful candidate will provide bespoke training and technical support to Dahari in all aspects of fisheries assessment, including monitoring and evaluation of landings using mobile-based data collection systems, and supporting Dahari in efforts to assist communities in the management of target small-scale fisheries.

The position will report to Blue Ventures’ UK-based Conservation Projects and Grants Manager, with an additional reporting line to the Technical Director of Dahari, and will receive support from other members of Blue Ventures’ conservation team. The position will oversee at least two members of the Dahari team, providing direct training and technical support to strengthen Dahari’s capacity in marine and fisheries management. The position will be based with the Dahari team in Anjouan, with regular national travel to work with communities, partners and field teams.

Additional responsibilities will include working with partner organisations and colleagues in Blue Ventures’ conservation team to plan national and regional community exchanges to share learning and best practice in tropical small-scale fisheries management and locally-led marine conservation.

The successful candidate will be a motivated, proactive and highly organised individual with an excellent knowledge of the small-scale fisheries, marine conservation and development sectors, as well as a proven track record of team management and partnership building, and excellent communication skills. Ideally, you will demonstrate practical experience of community-based conservation and development initiatives.

Blue Ventures is a fast growing and mission-driven social enterprise, offering excellent opportunities for further professional development.


Project Management

  • Update and implement Dahari’s strategy and vision for local fisheries management in Anjouan
  • Develop and ensure individual, team and project work plans remain on track, planning activities in conjunction with a timeline of key priorities
  • Manage grants that support Blue Ventures’ work in Comoros, and ensure developments and changes are communicated clearly and discussed with relevant parties
  • Provide reports and information for funders in a timely manner in line with reporting deadlines
  • Oversee the budget for marine activities within Dahari and activities accordingly.

Technical Support

  • Provide direct support and training to Dahari staff and community members with fisheries monitoring and management, identifying key capacity gaps and partner needs for technical support, and developing and reviewing work plans
  • Coordinate monitoring plans and smartphone data collection systems using Blue Ventures’ fisheries monitoring framework, and adapt existing toolkits and methods to local context.
  • Train Dahari staff and community members to manage data systems with eventual handover and autonomous management of monitoring
  • Liaise with UK-based partner support team to ensure appropriate and timely technical support is provided, interacting with technical colleagues both within Comoros and internationally
  • Support Dahari and community members in discussions around improving local fisheries management practices, providing best practice insights and recommendations from other fisheries in similar contexts

Facilitating learning and exchange

  • Identify opportunities for cross-learning and exchange between sites in Comoros and other areas of the western Indian Ocean region, and facilitate dialogue and the exchange of best practices around community-based fisheries management
  • Identify further opportunities for partnership development regionally

Data collection and management

  • Coordinate reef, mangrove and socioeconomic surveys in two regions of the Comoros
  • Manage all coral reef and fisheries data collection, entry and checking in a timely fashion
  • Analyse research results to inform project activities and share with relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate and oversee focus groups and workshops to share monitoring results with communities and identify opportunities for improving small-scale fisheries management

Documenting learning & communication

  • Coordinate community-based awareness raising education campaign based on results of socioeconomic and fisheries surveys in Anjouan
  • Ensure excellent internal communication within and across partners in this project
  • Assist with the preparation of grant reports to funding partners as required
  • Report progress and disseminate results to communities, management committees and other stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Evaluate and document key learning, best practices and relevant fishery/country information, including broader contextual learning around management experiences
  • Work with partner organisations and Blue Ventures’ conservation team to plan and coordinate outreach and communication efforts around partnership activities, including blogs and news articles as required

Skills and experience


  • Postgraduate level qualification in relevant subject in marine ecology/biology, conservation or a related degree
  • At least five years’ practical experience in field-based conservation, fisheries management or rural development
  • Experience of small-scale fisheries assessment, ideally through participatory (community- based) methods
  • Experience of managing a field team
  • Strong analytical skills, and experience in data collection, management and interpretation
  • Experience of teaching and mentoring in data systems, analysis and interpretation
  • Experience of financial and budget management and reporting


  • Experience of developing multi-sector partnerships, including with communities, fisheries authorities, and NGOs
  • Sensitivity to partner and community needs and interests; humility and commitment to identifying needs and leading local capacity development for conservation
  • Experience working with and reporting to donors, including corporations, trusts, foundations and agencies (desirable)
  • Work experience in tropical developing contexts, including knowledge of marine environmental and WIO cultural contexts


  • Fluency in English and French (required) and Comorian (desirable)
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, with a proven track record in both report writing and ideally peer-reviewed publication
  • Experience of teaching and/or delivering training, both to groups and one-to-one


  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, hardworking, efficient and proactive
  • Excellent organisational skills, attention to detail and an ability to complete tasks to deadlines
  • Self-motivated, confident and self-reliant
  • Ability to take initiative and solve problems quickly
  • Enjoys problem solving and new challenges
  • Ability to work well as part of a multicultural team (the role will involve working with English, French and Comorian staff)
  • Willingness to live and work in a relatively remote environment

Why work with us:

Mission: We operate at the frontline of some of the world's most pressing environmental and social problems, innovating effective and scalable responses with tropical coastal communities. We are recognised as a transformative force in our sector.

Working style: We're a fast-moving social enterprise, quick to embrace and implement promising ideas without bureaucracy.

Autonomy: We expect and support our staff to take a lead in their own work, offering scope for creativity and strategic input.
Professional development: We challenge and support our staff to grow their skills, providing considerable exposure to different work experiences and training opportunities.

Adventure: We offer extensive opportunities for travel, working in diverse environmental and cultural contexts.

Family: We look out for one another as we work closely together in challenging situations, celebrating successes and spurring each other on when the going gets tough.

Values: Our organisational values are central to everything we do:

  • Communities first - Above all, we listen to community needs, responding in a sensitive and pragmatic way for long lasting benefits.
  • Passion & belief - Our mission is urgent and critical, we believe that our models work, and we are determined to get the job done.
  • Valued people & effective teams - We work in diverse and inclusive teams where all members have a voice and influence. We are effective because our work is integrated across teams and projects.
  • Innovation & courage - We are resourceful and creative. We are prepared to take risks and challenge broken paradigms.
  • Openness & humility - We are an open source social enterprise. We work in a transparent and collaborative way to pass on what we learn to others who share our vision and passion.
  • Grounded in evidence - We have high standards and are not afraid to be self critical. If we see something that doesn’t work, we change tack until we’re on the right course.

Application process

Applicants should apply online, using the link below, by 27th July, 2017

Please note that applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and first-round interviews may be conducted with short-listed candidates before the application deadline.
All shortlisted candidates will be contacted within two weeks of the closing date.

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